Collaborating for Impact

Following the successful launch at our Member’s Meeting on the 8th April, we are delighted to share further details on our new manifesto, Sector Working Groups, Client Group & events & knowledge sharing approach for members.

Thank you to those of you that joined and participated to the launch, and for those that were unable to join us you can find the slides from the event here.

Our next Member Meeting will be taking place on the 8th July, please click here to register and save the date.

Buildoffsite – Collaborating For Impact

Since its creation, Buildoffsite has sought to promote, support and increase the adoption of offsite and pre-manufactured solutions across construction and the built environment. Working with our membership, wider network and key industry stakeholders & partners, we seek to deliver permanent, positive transformation and impact through collaboration.

In order to achieve this we are delighted to launch our manifesto ‘Collaborating For Impact’, and a revised model to our Working Groups and events & knowledge sharing activity.

This approach will help us on the journey to ‘normalise’ offsite & Modern Methods of Construction, enable greater project delivery and ensure we continue to break down the barriers to achieving this for the benefit of our members and the industry as a whole.

Collaborating for Impact – The Buildoffsite Manifesto 

Buildoffsite’s first Manifesto clearly defines our pledges that we have set ourselves in order to continue to deliver the permanent transformation our Industry needs. Developed internally, and through insight from members and stakeholders, the manifesto illustrates where, through the activity of the Buildoffsite network, we can accelerate the adoption and use of offsite solutions across the UK construction sector.

In order to achieve this, we pledge to;

Influence & Inform

Lobby Government

Inform Decision Making

Challenge Perceptions

Address Barriers

Build Insight & Knowledge

Demonstrate Evidence

The manifesto will be shared beyond our members, to stakeholders, Government & wider industry and we welcome members sharing it internally or with contacts to help us amplify the voice of the Buildoffsite network.

Our pledges will drive all activity we undertake, and will be regularly referred to with members. Our success in achieving these pledges will be evaluated with Membership.

Framing the Network – Sector Working Group Launch 

The Buildoffsite Sector Working Groups have evolved from the original Hub framework, which has undergone a review in line with member feedback and future strategy. We want them to be as effective as possible and to learn from each other. The activity of the new Sector Working Groups will align with the pledges of the Buildoffsite Manifesto, challenges set by the Buildoffsite Client Group and wider strategic priorities.

Through collaboration, knowledge-sharing or the production of research and guidance the activity of the Groups will be key to delivering our pledges.

This month the following Sector Working Groups will be launched;

Transport & Infrastructure


Social Infrastructure


Each sector working group will create an annual work plan which will identify activities and opportunities for collaborative output and impact which will benefit group members own business objectives, the Client Group, other Buildoffsite members and the wider offsite industry.

This work plan could include activity such as producing research & guidance, facilitating solutions-focussed workshops or developing analysis & reportage. To ensure awareness and collaboration amongst membership, there will be a cycle of regular feedback, communication, discussion and dissemination of the activity. We want all members to be able to have the opportunity to join in and strengthen the activities.

In addition, the outputs from each Group will seek to align with, and support key Industry policy papers; Construction 2025, The Construction Playbook, the Roadmap to Recovery & Defining the Need amongst others.

Details on dates and agenda for the inaugural meetings will be shared with members.

The Client Perspective – Client Group Launch 

Building on the evolution of the Sector Working Groups, we are delighted to announce the formation of our new Client Group. The purpose of the group is that, through two-way collaboration with Buildoffsite supply chain members, clients will better understand the processes and benefits of offsite manufacture so that it becomes more readily adoptable.

Through sharing and collaborating with our Sector Working Groups, we intend to define the offsite agenda, develop work plans and propose collaborative R&D projects. Innovations and new opportunities, lessons learnt and case studies will be shared between clients and the supply chain. Ultimately, the Client Group intends to aid the continued interest, growth and delivery of offsite within their project portfolios.

This Group will be led by Doug Waters, who has already engaged with a number of clients, who sit across the multiple sectors of our Working Groups, and have seen great interest in appetite in joining the Group and joining our inaugural meeting later this month.

Revolutionising Events & Knowledge Sharing 

Following a strategic review combined with member feedback, we identified the need to move away from our traditional events approach in 2020. This intention was to improve access & insight, provide a wider range of relevant topics, enable members to inform the programme and ultimately provide greater value to members.

However, this refresh was superceded by necessity, in light of the pandemic with a complete shift to a new programme of webinars, with over 30 being delivered across a range of subjects.

The 2021 programme will be more strategically focused, and aligned with the Manifesto, it will:

  • Enable collaboration and present wider opportunities as outlined
  • Improve engagement with partners and stakeholders
  • Reflect current ways of working
  • Offer a blend of virtual and physical events later in the year
  • Enable easier and increased access
  • Offer increased member benefits

We will be outlining dates & details of a great number of key events that are taking place across the next 13 months, over the coming weeks. These will include virtual conferences, member meetings and workshops, a cycle of Meet the Buyer & Supplier events, bespoke project and publication launches, BOPAS events, networking opportunities and building towards the UK’s largest offsite event, The Offsite Show, at London ExCel in May 2022.

We have recently begun the process of revising our website layout, which will enable members to access all of our extensive range of reports & guidance and insight & knowledge Buildoffsite have created over the past 15 years, but also have the latest information and activity at their fingertips. Additionally, through our extensive network reach and communications programme we are better placed than ever to highlight and showcase the activity of our members. We will be launching a Monthly Member’s Highlights newsletter which will ensure all members are aware of the activity of Buildoffsite, our Sector & Client Groups, and of other members to enable improved awareness and opportunities for input and collaboration.

We are excited to be undertaking this journey, and as a team, passionate at the impact it can deliver on the sector; and we look forward to all members joining, supporting and benefitting from this activity as we collaborate for impact.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we look forward to welcoming you at our upcoming events and workshops.

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