Photo © Portakabin Group / Yorkon

R&D Tax Relief

The offsite industry offers many opportunities to innovate, addressing numerous challenges in projects on a daily basis.  So many qualifying projects are ignored as day-to-day business when these could be an R&D tax credits claim.

Examples of R&D in Offsite

  • Creating, or experimenting with, new materials for use in construction or engineering projects.
  • New manufacturing processes to be used in offsite modules and new components
  • Offsite to deliver on OPEX projects more efficiently
  • Retrofitting to developing new or improved technology into existing buildings. Such as heating, insultation integration of renewable energies.
  • Adapting equipment or processes to meeting new regulatory requirements e.g. fire, health & safety, sound and thermal.
  • Creating and deploying new mechanical and electrical systems into buildings.
  • Modifying existing components and fittings into projects.
  • Developing new or improved equipment for use in construction such as onsite delivery & logistics

The latest HMRC statistics show that the construction sector is lagging behind some other sectors when it comes to claiming R&D tax relief, accounting for just 4% of all claims across the scheme, despite being one of the key sectors that innovate regularly.