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The BOPAS Accreditation Scheme offers support to a wide range of stakeholders, including Lenders, Developers, MMC Providers, Contractors, Housing Associations, as well as National and Local Government agencies, and Homeowners. BOPAS Accreditation serves as evidence that an MMC Provider has developed a validated construction system, backed by a delivery process that adheres to industry best practices. This accreditation ensures that consistent and proficient service is provided to meet client requirements.

This high-level assurance instills confidence in all parties involved, affirming the quality and durability of accredited MMC Providers’ construction systems. These systems are designed to match or even exceed the performance of traditional construction methods, thus enhancing the dynamic market for MMC systems.

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The accredited designers, manufacturers, and constructors involved in offsite system development are rigorously audited and approved to ensure best practice is adhered to throughout the delivery process and to ensure their construction systems are validated. Listed below are organisations that are either approved or currently progressing assessment. Their status is indicated by the key below: BOPAS +, Approved, Under Assessment, Not Assessed.

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