What We do

Since its creation, Buildoffsite has sought to promote, support and increase the adoption of offsite & pre-manufactured solutions for the built environment.
Working with our membership, government, key industry stakeholders & partners, we seek to deliver permanent, positive transformation and impact through collaboration.

Upcoming Events

The Buildoffsite events programme offers opportunities for CPD and knowledge development/sharing, as well as showcasing activities, initiatives and intentions, reviewing existing projects, influencing our work and event programmes and learning more about innovation and policy influencing the sector.

latest news

Navigating the waters of change

Navigating the Waters of Change: A Pivotal Exploration into Sustainable Housing Developments Fareita Udoh, Project Manager, BUILDOFFSITE In a groundbreaking collaboration between Future Water, CIRIA, and BUILDOFFSITE, the Networks November event held in Kings Cross on November 6th embarked on a transformative exploration into the intricate relationship between developers, water…

Research project: Managing Intellectual Property

This project will be delivered in conjunction with Beale & Co, specialist construction lawyers, to provide guidance on how to manage intellectual property (IP) for offsite and MMC. There will be workshops for Buildoffsite members to contribute their learning and views. Two are being planned for November, one for designers…

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Membership of Buildoffsite provides opportunities to meet with other forward looking organisations to effect process and product innovation, network with relevant businesses and to participate in knowledge development and sharing.