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Offsite construction – concept design and delivery (X538F)

This guide aims to help clients and their advisors understand the benefits and how they can deploy modern methods of construction (MMC). It will be of particular use to those using offsite methods in their projects and programmes across their asset portfolios.

A range of subjects are considered from a strategic perspective, while providing many practical tips, guidance and case studies. It is designed to be complimentary to existing industry guidance and both national and international standards.

Infrastructure and the building aspects of construction, which may benefit from the advantages of offsite solutions, are discussed, including insights into the different categories of MMC.

More clients are requiring the delivery of digital twins for their facilities; this guide explains how inter-operable digital twins may add value and how offsite solutions can help.

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Collaborating for Impact: Water industry adopting offsite solutions for chemical dosing

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Achieving sustainable resilience in new precast concrete structures

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Tempohousing BOPAS Case Study

Tempohousing are an off-site modular manufacturing & construction business specialising in the supply of high quality, rapidly built, modular homes for private and social housing, student accommodation and hotels. Tempohousing have developed a modular housing system using a standardised manufactured module that can produce several different housing requirements. They have recently achieved the Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme accreditation [BOPAS] which demonstrates to funders, lenders, valuers & purchasers that homes bult from non-traditional methods and materials will stand the test of time for at least 60 years.

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Bridges and Viaducts DfMA Guide

A new DfMA guide outlining the benefits of combining Design for Manufacture and Offsite Construction in the context of long-term, large-scale bridge and viaduct projects.


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Trust and productivity: the private sector construction playbook

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Developed by the Construction Productivity Taskforce on behalf of the UK construction industry, the playbook builds on the work of the Government Construction Playbook published in December 2020.

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BSRIA Offsite Construction for Building Services

Offsite construction is a general term for making parts of a building away from the construction site before transporting them and installing them in their final location. In the building services sector, installing various mechanical and electrical systems on a live construction site can be challenging, with limited space, health and safety considerations, working around other contractors, and often all to a demanding programme. This topic guide describes the forms that offsite construction of building services can take, and discusses some of the surrounding issues.

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Mayor of London: London Housing Strategy (Draft for Public Consultation)

The Mayor of London’s draft London Housing Strategy published on 6th September 2017.  Register by 20th September to attend the October Workshops at City Hall.

Further information is available on the City Hall website.

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