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Bridges and Viaducts DfMA Guide

A new DfMA guide outlining the benefits of combining Design for Manufacture and Offsite Construction in the context of long-term, large-scale bridge and viaduct projects.


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Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide

How could you build a quarter of a million homes for London?

The Buildoffsite Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide is ready to help.

Inspired by WSP’s Out of Thin Air reports it aims to do 3 things.

  1. Make more potential sites viable, creating homes and offsite project opportunities
  2. Enable stakeholders to consider how to unlock more of this potential
  3. Help more developers and suppliers to be involved with infrastructure overbuild.

Get your copy here.

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BSRIA Offsite Construction for Building Services

Offsite construction is a general term for making parts of a building away from the construction site before transporting them and installing them in their final location. In the building services sector, installing various mechanical and electrical systems on a live construction site can be challenging, with limited space, health and safety considerations, working around other contractors, and often all to a demanding programme. This topic guide describes the forms that offsite construction of building services can take, and discusses some of the surrounding issues.

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Mayor of London: London Housing Strategy (Draft for Public Consultation)

The Mayor of London’s draft London Housing Strategy published on 6th September 2017.  Register by 20th September to attend the October Workshops at City Hall.

Further information is available on the City Hall website.

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GLA Report in to Offsite Housing ‘Designed, Sealed, Delivered’ Full Document

Please find the Buildoffsite comment on the GLA Offsite Housing report ‘Designed, sealed, delivered”  released today, and attached here in FULL:

 ” This report sets out how a once immature offsite housing market has matured and come of age.

 The speed of this sector’s maturity should act as a clear indicator and at the same time a warning to the Mayor and indeed all those involved in offsite housing provision, that engagement and action is required now, not tomorrow, if it is our intention (as a minimum) to maintain or increase current housing supply.

 What is different about the London Assembly’s paper though is that whilst OSM is a key driver in increasing housing supply, and a must if we are to meet the levels highlighted in the report, they have recognised that this can’t be achieved without a coordinated and efficient supply chain.

 The London Assembly’s paper on OSM completes a trilogy of papers on the subject which includes the Offsite Housing Review produced in 2013, the Farmer Review produced in 2016 and now this GLA review titled Designed, Sealed and Delivered.

 We have the evidence now we need the action”

 Further Information is available on the GLA Website.


Here we have some examples of exemplar off site housing and construction in London.

All images are available for use.

The Offsite Construction Show is now in its third year. With the knowledge transfer seminar programme hosted by Buildoffsite, and sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), showcasing what’s at the cutting edge of the offsite sector and facilitating discussion between key players who are changing the UK construction market to increase quality and productivity.

Register here for 11 & 12 October @ Excel, London.


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