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Shaping Tomorrow’s Construction

Our Evolution:

The BOS Built Environment Working Group, born from the original Hub framework, has evolved in response to member feedback and future strategies. We prioritise effectiveness and collective learning. Our activities align with the BOS Manifesto’s pledges, challenges posed by the BOS Client Group, and broader strategic goals.

What We Deliver:

In collaboration, knowledge-sharing, research, and guidance, the Built Environment Working Group & Sector Focus Groups will:

1. Influence & Inform: Shape industry trends and policies.
2. Challenge Perceptions & Address Barriers: Disrupt the status quo.
3. Build Insight & Knowledge: Foster a repository of expertise.
4. Demonstrate Evidence: Highlight the impact of our innovations.

Our Mission:

Crafting an annual work plan, we identify collaborative opportunities that benefit our members’ business objectives, tackle supply chain challenges, and advance the offsite industry. Our deliverables align with pivotal policy initiatives and industry transformation efforts.

How We Support:

1. Producing research & guidance.
2. Facilitating solution-focused workshops.
3. Developing reports to break down barriers and challenge norms.
4. Educating & informing clients and the broader sector about innovative solutions.

Policy Alignment:

We back the UK Construction 2025 targets:

– Lower Costs: A 33% reduction in construction and asset life costs.
– Faster Delivery: A 50% cut in project timelines.
– Lower Emissions: A 50% drop in carbon emissions.
– Export Improvement: A 50% reduction in the trade gap for construction products.

We also align with the Government’s Construction Playbook (2020), the Defining the Need report (2021), and engage with industry stakeholders.

Our Vision:

We aim to:

– Enhance cost and time predictability in project plans.
– Minimise construction disruptions.
– Elevate aesthetics and environmental compatibility.
– Support clients in achieving offsite, lean, whole life cost, and BIM objectives.

Our Structure:

We consider all aspects of:

– Residential: Houses, Flats, Hotels, Hostels, Single Living Accommodation & Prisons.
– Commercial: Offices, Retail, Leisure & Industrial.
– Non-Commercial: Healthcare, Education, Justice, Defence & Infrastructure.
– Infrastructure: Road, Rail, Sea & Air.
– Utilities: Water, Power, Communications & Gas.

Join us in shaping the future of construction. Together, we build a better tomorrow.