Photo © Laing O’Rourke

Sector Working Groups

The Buildoffsite Sector Working Groups have evolved from the original Hub framework, which has undergone a review in line with member feedback and future strategy. We want them to be as effective as possible and to learn from each other. The activity of the new Sector Working Groups will align with the pledges of the Buildoffsite Manifesto, challenges set by the Buildoffsite Client Group and wider strategic priorities.

Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, or the production of research and guidance the Sector Working Groups will deliver outputs which;

  • Influence & Inform
  • Challenge Perceptions & Address Barriers
  • Build Insight & Knowledge
  • Demonstrate Evidence

Each sector working group will create an annual work plan which will identify activities and opportunities for collaborative output and impact; to benefit members own business objectives, the Client Group, other Buildoffsite members and the wider offsite industry. Each Sector Working Group work plan will differ in terms of agreed activities, time & input required, but will likely include activity such as;

  • Producing research & guidance
  • Facilitating solution-focused workshops
  • Developing reportage to address barriers or challenge perceptions
  • Educating & informing clients and the wider sector on innovative solutions

Supporting Policy

The Buildoffsite Sector Working Groups call for a transformation in the delivery of built assets that will support the UK Construction 2025 targets:

  • Lower costs – a 33% reduction in the initial construction and whole life cost of built assets;
  • Faster delivery – a 50% reduction in the overall time, from inception to completion for new build and refurbished assets;
  • Lower emissions – a 50% reduction in carbon emissions in the built environment;
  • Improvement in exports – a 50% reduction in the trade gap between total exports and total imports for construction products and materials

In addition, the Sector Working Groups will seek to align and support the Government’s Construction Playbook (2020), the Defining the Need report (2021) and the work of other industry stakeholders.

The Group’s also intend to increase;

  • Improved certainty of cost and time aspects of project plans at all levels;
  • A reduction in impact of construction disruption on stakeholders;
  • Improved aspirations for aesthetics and environmental fit;
  • Support for clients to achieve to their objectives with respect to offsite, lean, whole life cost and BIM.


In April 2021, we launched the following Working Groups;

  • Client Group
  • Transport & Infrastructure Working Group
  • Utilities Working Group
  • Social Infrastructure Working Group
  • Commercial Working Group