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What we do

Influence & Inform | Lobby Government | Inform Decision Making| Challenge Perceptions | Address Barriers | Build Insight & Knowledge | Demonstrate Evidence

Buildoffsite works to deliver against the above pledges in its Manifesto through a range of activities, programmes and initiatives designed to support change and deliver maximum benefit to members:

Events & Networking

The Buildoffsite events programme is designed to drive industry engagement, share knowledge, enable collaboration and present opportunities, across a range of topical and insightful webinars and events, including quarterly member meetings. At these events we provide our members with the opportunity to present their activities, initiatives and intentions, review existing projects, influence our work and event programmes and learn more about innovation in the sector. Relevant events offer CPD to support member colleagues.

Facilitated Networking: Members are encouraged and supported by the team to connect with other Members in support of business opportunities, collaboration and innovation.

Industry Conferences & Webinars: Themed key headline events throughout the year with industry guest speakers, presentations, discussions, panel Q&A and project showcases. These include partnering in The Offsite Show, the UK’s leading show for the sector, launching publications and reports, project events, industry stakeholder workshops and dissemination, policy-led events, and bespoke working groups and meetings.

Meet the Buyer & Meet the Supplier events: Buildoffsite facilitates the introduction, networking and collaboration of supply chain, specific to project and buyer requirements. Buildoffsite assists with supply chain identification, new project design specification requirements, outlining a compliant go to market strategy and ensuring supply chain preparedness.

Client Group

Our Client Group outlines challenges to the sector and drives a proactive and productive conversation to enable improved understanding and address barriers, working towards developing the knowledge and tools necessary for the evolution of the ‘intelligent client’. The Client group also accepts the challenges presented by the sector working groups in bridging understanding, addressing knowledge gaps, and finding ways to meet the needs of both client and supplier.

Sector Working Groups

In order to ensure the maximum impact from our efforts, our Sector Working Groups will shape our priorities for lobbying and policy influence across specific disciplines and wider industry. Through research, insight & collaboration our Sector Working Groups:

  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Commercial
  • Social Infrastructure

will follow a common golden thread of industry challenges and desired outputs, each aligned with core themes of procurement & value, design & digital, manufacturing logistics & assembly, and energy carbon & sustainability.

They seek to understand, and find solutions for the challenges faced by clients and presented by the Client Group, identifying relevant work programmes, pulling together relevant industry figures and developing tangible outputs and outcomes. They also bring forward sector challenges to the Client Group as a way to further supplier understanding and build capacity.

Knowledge and Insight

Through dedicated projects identified by industry, bespoke contracts and member driven challenges, Buildoffsite collaborates to produce guidance, reports and industry responses to policy. Buildoffsite aims to increase capacity across Clients and industry through bringing together sector working groups and delivering tangible outputs to support the Manifesto.

New technologies & Manufacturing site visits

Buildoffsite gives members the opportunity to host Discovering Offsite Tours at their premises. This provides an opportunity for members to promote products, services and project achievements to other members and invited guests. These events are a great platform for knowledge sharing and showcasing best practice.

Quality Assurance & Accreditation

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) is a risk based evaluation which demonstrates to funders, lenders, valuers and purchasers that homes built from non-traditional methods and materials will stand the test of time for at least 60 years.

Access to new opportunities, funding & grants

Buildoffsite shares opportunities from our network, stakeholders and government where we can collaborate and work as a community to achieve our seven pledges.

Bespoke support for industry and Clients

Buildoffsite works with a range of bodies to support their understanding and provide insight around market opportunity and inform their strategic direction.

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