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At BOS, we are committed to bringing transformation to the construction industry. Our initiatives and programs align with our Manifesto’s key pledges, delivering maximum benefits to our members and driving the industry forward.

Events & Networking:

Our events program is designed to foster industry engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Through webinars, insightful events, and quarterly member meetings, we provide a platform for our members to showcase their activities, review projects, and explore innovations in the sector. These events also offer CPD opportunities for our member colleagues.

Facilitated Networking:

Our team actively encourages and supports members in connecting with one another, creating business opportunities, and fostering innovation through collaboration.

Industry Conferences & Webinars:

We host key headline events throughout the year, featuring industry guest speakers, presentations, discussions, panel Q&A sessions, and project highlights. These include partnerships with events like The Offsite Show, publication launches, policy-led events, and bespoke working groups and meetings.

Meet the Buyer & Meet the Supplier events:

BOS facilitates supply chain connections tailored to project and buyer needs. We assist in supply chain identification, specification requirements, and go-to-market strategies.

Built Environment Group:

Our Built Environment Group addresses sector challenges, promotes understanding, and removes barriers. We work towards developing the knowledge and tools necessary for the evolution of the ‘intelligent client.’ Our goal is to support clients, contractors, manufacturers, and product suppliers in shifting towards greater use of pre-manufacturing for industrialised construction.

Through collaborative projects, bespoke contracts, and member-driven challenges, BOS produces guidance, reports, and industry responses to policy. We aim to enhance capacity across clients and the industry by bringing sector working groups together to deliver tangible outputs in support of our Manifesto.

New Technologies & Manufacturing Site Visits:

Members can host Discovering Offsite Tours at their premises, promoting products, services, and project achievements. These events facilitate knowledge sharing and highlight best practices.

Quality Assurance & Accreditation:

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) provides assurance that construction systems designed, manufactured, and installed by accredited MMC Providers will conform to industry best practice in terms of durability and system integrity.

Access to Opportunities, Funding & Grants:

We share collaboration opportunities from our network, stakeholders, and government, fostering a sense of community in achieving our seven pledges.

Bespoke Support:

BOS collaborates with various organisations to provide tailored support, market insights, and strategic direction.

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Together, we build a brighter tomorrow.