Our Vision and Manifesto: #CollaboratingforImpact

At BOS, we unite the industry to foster innovative and cooperative approaches to conducting business within our diverse network.

Our vision can only be realised through clear direction and well-defined objectives that guide all our endeavors, whether internally or on behalf of our valued members and partners.

To accomplish this, we’ve outlined our fundamental commitments for driving transformative change in our Manifesto, aptly titled “Collaborating For Impact,” which includes the following key areas:

1. Influence & Inform: We actively shape and educate.

2. Lobby Government: We advocate for our industry’s interests with policymakers.

3. Inform Decision Making: We provide critical insights to drive informed choices.

4. Challenge Perceptions: We challenge preconceived notions and biases.

5. Address Barriers: We work to remove impediments to progress.

6. Build Insight & Knowledge: We continuously expand our expertise.

7. Demonstrate Evidence: We substantiate our claims with concrete proof.

These objectives serve as the compass for all our activities and will be subject to regular evaluation and discussion with our members. We will implement measures to gauge success and influence within these areas, forming an integral part of our membership reviews.