Who we are

Buildoffsite is a membership organisation with members from a wide range of UK and International client, supply, professional services and academic organisations.

Buildoffsite is a UK based business organisation that promotes:

  • increased use of offsite methods across all sectors of the UK construction market
  • innovation in the development of offsite solutions
  • more effective promotion of business and project benefits by offsite solution suppliers
  • improved understanding by clients and suppliers of the benefits of offsite solutions
  • education and skills development in the use of offsite solutions
  • debate, discussion and knowledge transfer relating to the use of offsite solutions


Buildoffsite’s mission is to be the trusted, independent voice of the UK construction industry with respect to off-site and pre-manufacturing, and to provide all relevant support to our Members and other stakeholders to enable them to feel confident to promote and adopt the same.


A permanent, positive, transformation of the UK construction industry – enabled through the increased adoption of off-site and pre-manufactured solutions to drive increased productivity.