Pioneers in the Future of Construction

Founded in 2004, we believe that lasting change in the construction industry can only be achieved through collaboration. Working closely with our dedicated membership, government bodies, key industry stakeholders, and trusted partners, BOS is committed to delivering permanent, positive transformation.

At BOS, we are dedicated to shaping the future of construction through collaboration, innovation, and transformation. Join us in this exciting journey towards a more sustainable, efficient, and resilient built environment.

Our Mission: Collaboration for Permanent Transformation


Why BOS?

At BOS, we are on a mission to “normalise” offsite construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). By doing so, we aim to empower the industry, facilitate project delivery, and eliminate perceived challenges associated with offsite adoption.

We achieve this by:

Bringing the Industry Together: Through our extensive event program, Built Environment Working Group, and Sector Working Groups, we foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry players.

BOS Manifesto: Our guiding principles for change, the BOS Manifesto outlines our seven key pledges to deliver a transformative impact on the construction landscape.

Our Pledges Include:

Influence & Inform: We actively influence and inform industry trends and practices.

Lobby Government: We advocate for policy changes that support offsite construction.

Inform Decision Making: We provide data and insights to aid informed decision-making.

Challenge Perceptions: We challenge preconceived notions about offsite construction.

Address Barriers: We work to remove obstacles hindering offsite adoption.

Build Insight & Knowledge: We build a repository of industry knowledge and best practices.

Demonstrate Evidence: We highlight the evidence of offsite construction’s effectiveness.

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