Client Group

Our Client Group outlines challenges to the sector and drives a proactive and productive conversation to enable improved understanding and address barriers, working towards developing the knowledge and tools necessary for the evolution of the ‘intelligent client’. The Client group also accepts the challenges presented by the sector working groups in bridging understanding, addressing knowledge gaps, and finding ways to meet the needs of both client and supplier.

With representation from across transport, utilities, commercial, Government and social infrastructure, the Client Group seeks to promote and enable:

  • Understand and develop the benefits of Offsite construction for Client organisations
  • 2-Way Collaboration with other Buildoffsite members to understand:
      • procurement options
      • design methodologies
      • risk management attitudes
  • Sharing and collaborating with the Sector Working Groups
      • defining of the offsite agenda
      • developing working plans
      • proposing R&D projects
  • Innovations and new techniques, share lessons learned and case studies
  • Aid the continued growth of offsite and increase its appeal to Client organisations
  • Support the UK Construction 2025 targets
  • Align and support the Government’s Construction Playbook (2020)

This Group will be led by Doug Waters, who has already engaged with a number of clients, who sit across the multiple sectors of our Working Groups, and have seen great interest in appetite in joining the Group. Further details on upcoming Client Group Meeting dates will be shared in due course. If you are interested in finding out more about this group email Doug Waters.