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From the award-winning team behind UK Construction Week, and Construction Buzz, Trending Now Offsite provides a newsletter and newsfeed delivering the latest Offsite construction news.

Trending Now Offsite brings together all the top stories from across the Offsite industry’s leading sources creating unmissable newsletters.

Be seen on the fastest growing news resource in Construction

Our Trending Now Offsite newsletters have an outstanding click through rate of 27% which is above the industry average!

We have a variety of options to deliver your campaign from:

Solus emails: benefit from sending an exclusive email to a specific audience from the Offsite sector within the construction industry

Website: stand out alongside rolling news stories on our growing platforms with logo inclusions, MPUs and featured stories.

Newsletters: from newsletter sponsorship to banners and more, your brand will be included in our newsletters

Trending Now Offsite news platform can put you in front of 15,100 potential customers.

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