Highlights of the Offsite Show 2022

The Offsite Show finished yesterday and what a fantastic week it has been. After 2 years of lockdowns we kicked off the show with a look at how the pandemic has offered offsite construction new opportunities and a route to faster adoption.

Buildoffsite delivered a diverse and inclusive speaker programme offering opportunities for collaboration, optimisation and engagement with the supply chain. We ensured academia was showcased alongside live working examples of industry standardisation and how #kitofparts can deliver at scale.

The structures we take for granted offer the supply chain and buyers the biggest challenges. We call this The Built Environment – Infrastructure. With some ground breaking industry guides for adoption such as Pre Cast Concrete Structures Resilience Guide to delivery of OUDAR from National Highways, How Construction Playbook is being embraced by industry, there was a take away for everyone.

The New Hospitals programme is one of the most ambitions projects in recent years alongside the urgency to meet Net Zero Targets. ESG is at the core of all procurement and project deliverables as a key strategy which Offsite is well positioned to deliver.

Offsite is not new and assurances for this market have been in place for more than 2 decades. With all industry changes, external verification needs to keep pace. BOPAS Plus was launched at the Offsite Show with a standalone event on the 26th May.

Understanding offsite is the key to greater adoption and upskilling of the new and existing workforce. Learning programmes are available and supported by Buildoffsite & CIRIA to encourage greater understanding of terminology, methodology and project specifications. Understanding offsite is the key to mitigating risk for insurers and lenders, learning & adapting to change is business critical.

Offsite offers an opportunity to deliver on Equality, Diversity & Inclusiveness for construction companies which in turn will shine through in business growth for the sector. This was clearly demonstrated by the diverse speakers for the Buildoffsite Programme. Through visibility at events like The Offsite Show, our industry can attract the best talent, attract more women and those that can deliver their work solutions remotely and not be tied to visiting project sites.

Data Standardisation & Consistency were the golden thread running throughout our speaker programme. These can only be achieved through industry collaboration, supply chain engagement & investment.

Buildoffsite would like to say a huge thank you to all the speakers for their engaging sessions and being part of the Buildoffsite Community. As the voice of the offsite sector, the delivery of the Offsite show delivered on our Manifesto: Collaborating for Impact:

Influence & Inform

Lobby Government

Inform Decision Making

Challenge Perceptions

Address Barriers

Build Insight & Knowledge

Demonstrate Evidence

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