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The Smart Construction Network has its origins in a 2018, following a review by the CLC Innovation in Buildings workstream which identified a need for ‘Centres of Excellence’ to support the uptake of Smart Construction in the housing sector. Since its launch, the Network has grown to include organisations with world-leading expertise in the fields of offsite manufacturing, BIM & digital construction, and high performance buildings.

The Network aspires to be the conduit through which expert knowledge, innovative ideas and best practice can be shared. Its mission is to encourage the uptake of Smart Construction across the whole sector, including housing and in doing so, support the journey of transformation towards a more modern, productive and sustainable construction sector.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of the Smart Construction Network. In order to deliver on its mission, the Network must continue to grow, bringing together experts and innovators to support the construction industry to make full use of digital technologies and industrialised manufacturing techniques to improve productivity, minimise whole life cost, improve sustainability and maximise user benefits.

To support businesses wanting to take their first steps on the transformative journey in Smart Construction, the Network has created a free online resource which outlines the breadth of expertise and support provided by its members and where it can be found.

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