Buildoffsite Head of Industry Foresight, Tim Broyd, on CLC’s ‘Roadmap to Recovery Plan’

Plans for a post-Covid-19 revival of the UK construction sector have been published last week.

The Construction Leadership Council’s Covid-19 Task Force has laid out proposals to secure the future of construction businesses nationwide, while setting the industry on a sustainable path towards recovery.

The roadmap to recovery plan can be downloaded here.

The task force is now engaging with Government to test how the plans proposals might be delivered.

Buildoffsite Head of Industry Foresight, Tim Broyd said:

“We very much welcome the CLC’s recently published Roadmap to Recovery, which not only acknowledges the construction sector as a driver of economic recovery but also presents a plan for emerging from the worst recession we have known in the last 80 years.  The three stages of Restart, Reset and Reinvent set the right approaches for getting back on our feet.  What is good to see is that the CLC is not advocating new objectives, but rather that current objectives are reinforced.

There is a call for full implementation of the presumption of offsite, for example, with an exhortation that private sector clients also increase their use of offsite manufacturing. If this made sense before COVID-19, it will make all the more sense in the ‘new normal’, as the industry adjusts to requirements for safer, more efficient and reduced carbon ways of working.

Buildoffsite looks forward to working with the four new market-oriented industry working groups, and to continuing to support both customers and suppliers of buildings and infrastructure to ensure that up to date information is readily available on how offsite methods can revolutionise the delivery and lifetime management of built assets.”

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