BOS Unveil Cutting-Edge Trends at UK Construction Week

A synopsis of UK Construction Week 3rd 5th October 2023

In a groundbreaking showcase at the UK Construction Week, BOS Industry Advisors took centre stage to unveil the latest trends reshaping the landscape of the construction industry. With an innovative approach and a keen eye on sustainability, BOS brought forth a vision that promises to redefine how we build for the future. This event was made possible with huge support from C-Probe Limited, WS Transportation, Ryan, Vista Insurance Brokers, and Screening Eagle Technologies.

Offsite Construction Unveiled: Insights from BUILDOFFSITE / CIRIA Report

Participants delved into the future of offsite construction during a session that provided a firsthand look at the latest report from BOS and CIRIA. Contributors were available for discussion, allowing attendees to explore the intricacies of concept design and delivery. The report, a cornerstone of BOS’S mission, offers guidance to stakeholders on optimising project structures for construction efficiency.

Building Safety Challenge

This session tackled the intriguing challenges posed by the Building Safety Act in the construction industry. The requirement to submit full plans for building control approval has significantly impacted the early stages of project design. Panellists, including Jennifer Charlson from the Infrastructure Projects Authority, co-author of the recently published “Lessons from Grenfell Tower: The new building safety regime,” addressed the question of whether Offsite & MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) offer advantages over traditional methods. Platform design and the use of standard components were discussed as means of providing detailed information earlier in the process. Attendees actively participated in the debate, voicing questions and concerns.

Offsite vs. Traditional Construction: A Debate on Legacy Issues and Assurance

The session discussed persistent problems in mainstream construction, including slow productivity growth, missed completion targets, skilled labour shortages, cultural issues, and subpar quality. A major concern raised was that houses built today adhere to 2013 building regulations, necessitating future retrofitting, prompting ethical questions.

To address these issues, the session proposed offsite construction as a solution. However, challenges hindering its mainstream adoption were identified:

Current government policy overlooks embodied energy, constituting 25% of a building’s carbon footprint.

Property valuations prioritise meeting building regulation compliance, neglecting energy efficiency.

Offsite properties face non-standard mortgage arrangements, causing resistance from lenders.

Overcoming any of these challenges would significantly propel offsite construction into mainstream status.

Technological Marvels Steal the Spotlight & Sustainability Takes Centre Stage
 Digitising Construction & delivering transformation

Dr. David Hancock, Construction Director at the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, outlined expectations for the digital future of construction during this session. Attendees gained insights from Richard Kelly on open BIM standards and from Dev Amratia of nPlan on how AI contributes to robust project delivery plans.

The potential of digitalisation in addressing contemporary construction challenges was uncovered in this session. From reducing project delays to forecasting material costs in real-time, participants explored how digital tools can revolutionize the industry. Insights were shared on where digital transformation can take businesses.

Meeting the Digital Disruptors: Innovation Hub Challenge

Innovators showcased how digital technologies were reshaping the construction landscape during this session. Attendees witnessed solutions addressing net zero challenges, optimising logistics, and enhancing productivity. Esteemed judges evaluated these propositions, providing a glimpse into the digital transformation that has already begun in the construction industry.

Winner: minimass

Home Comfort and Environmental Impact

The final day sessions covered diverse topics. The “What Makes a House a Comfortable Home?” session explored the various elements contributing to home comfort. Four speakers shared insights, followed by a Q&A. The “Next Big Thing in Reducing Environmental Impact” session addressed the demand for new homes in the UK, discussing changes to regulations and presenting innovative solutions from four companies, culminating in a judged vote for the least environmentally impactful idea.

Winner: Techno Metal Post

Industry Collaboration for Success: #CollaboratingForImpact

One of the key takeaways from BOS’s presentation was the emphasis on collaboration across the construction sector. The advisors stressed the importance of partnerships between industry stakeholders, fostering an environment where ideas can be shared, and collective innovation can thrive.

Closing the Event with a Promise

As the curtains fell on the UK Construction Week, BOS left a lasting impression, promising a future where construction is not just a process but a dynamic, forward-thinking industry. Their vision for a sustainable, tech-driven, and collaborative construction landscape has set a new standard, leaving industry professionals eager to embrace the transformative journey ahead.

In summary, BOS brought a symphony of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration to the UK Construction Week, leaving attendees inspired and ready to embark on a new era in construction.

We look forward to seeing you again 7th to the 9th May for The Offsite Show.

Images from the event are below the link will expire so if you miss this feel free to contact us! Please tag @Buildoffsite #CollaboratingForImpact @UK Construction Week

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