BIOHAUS® technology receives coveted BOPAS accreditation.

We are delighted to announce that the innovative, bio-based, MMC CAT 2 panellised building system, BIOHAUS®, has received prestigious accreditation from BOPAS (BuildOffsite Property Assurance Scheme) for buildings up to three storeys.

This milestone confirms that the climate-positive, whole-house system meets the highest industry standards for robustness and durability, providing further opportunity for system development up to five storeys or 18 metres.

The BIOHAUS® system raises the bar and demonstrates a highly scalable climate-positive solution for the built environment.

● A comprehensive 2-hour fire performance.

  • U-VALUE: 0.100W/m2K – exceptional thermal efficiency and acoustic properties.
  • BIOHAUS® utilises the whole hemp plant, structural timber, and advanced MEP technologies to deliver carbon negative construction and surplus energy outcomes.


Matt Belcher, Founder and CEO of Hemspan said:

“We would like to thank our partners, APPLY and Tecbüro AT Ltd, our incredibly supportive shareholders, and the whole team who have taken us one step closer to growing the buildings of the future!”

Anthony Pearce, Co-Founder and MD of APPLY Structure Ltd said:

“The vision and leadership shown by Matt and all the Hemspan team to drive bio-based building technologies and circular systems to enable mass adoption of carbon-negative living, is consistent with APPLY’s own mission to deliver better homes for more people.”



APPLY is an integrated design company serving the Offsite sector.


HEMSPAN® is a construction technology business developing bio-based, circular systems to capture and store atmospheric carbon in buildings.



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