Residential Hub event – Offsite Processes

04 July 2019 , The University of Birmingham, Conference Room, Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2SQ

By now we all understand the clear and obvious benefits that offsite solutions can bring, however, does the market understand the PROCESS that you must follow in order to maximise project efficiency and gain those benefits?

4th July

9.30am – 1pm

This Residential Hub event will explore the disparate process required to successfully enable an offsite project, and highlight whether the industry is aligned when it comes to a clear process for Offsite projects.

We will get an update on the new MMC definitions framework, what is it and why we must push the sector to use it as a baseline to standardise terminology and ease the process.

Followed by speeches and lively panel discussion, from a leading architect, pre-construction specialist, modular developer and leading real estate agency on what a client must consider at each step in the project process.

We will then explore via interactive workshops whether the RIBA 2013 DfMA overlay is fit for purpose and capture our audiences’ thoughts on what information is required at each RIBA Stage of a project.

As per usual our audience is open to our supply chain and client members and as a new policy we are offering our members to bring 2 end user clients along to the event as complimentary guests.

If you have Housing Association, Local Authority or Private Clients that would benefit from being involved in the debate, please extend an invitation on behalf of Buildoffsite, and ask them to register via the normal channels.

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For more information on the ‘Smart Buildings’ Dragons Den Competition after this event please visit this page


9.30am: Introduction: Jamie Parr, Buildoffsite & Tom Eshelby, Stelling Properties

9.45am: University of Birmingham – Introduction, experience so far with offsite and future opportunities for collaboration

10am: Introducing the MMC Definitions Framework: why we need it and how we can all help encourage its use to bring uniformity across the sector – Michelle Hannah, Cast Consultancy

We all understand the benefits, but how do we ‘unlock’ them? PROCESS, PROCESS, PROCESS!

10.20am: Architects view; RIBA 1–2 the importance of optioneering, early engagement, understanding the various systems – Mike Judd, Hawkins Brown

10.40am: What do we need to do consider during pre-construction phase? How does it differ from traditional construction processes? – Jon Wardle, AMCM Group

11am: Clients View; Offsite Journey so far lessons learned, is the process clear? Future opportunities – West Midlands Combined Authority TBC

11.20am: Considering the end of the process before you start? How does modular work when it comes to disposing of the assets? – Dominic Grace, Savills

11.40am: Panel discussion Chaired by Tom Eshelby & Jamie Parr                                         

12pm: Workshop (Data capture led by Buildoffsite)

The RIBA 2013 DfMA overlay acts as a guide, but does it work in reality?

In groups explore and discuss ideas on the process that end clients should follow in order to successfully enable an offsite project, what information do manufacturers need, and when?