Offsite Construction Show – Day 1

20 November 2019 , ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL


Day 1 Programme of events – Registration Links

Seminar 1 – 10.45am – 11.15am

An expert view on the UK economy and prospects for construction 


Host – Joe Dyde, Buildoffsite

Tom Hall, Barbour-abi

2020 Vision: Prospects for the UK Construction Industry

The UK construction industry matters. Accounting for almost 3 million jobs and with an annual value topping £110 billion it is not much smaller that the high profile financial services sector.

Construction along with most other sectors is highly vulnerable to what happens in the rest of the economy, to shifting levels of confidence, and the pattern of international flows of capital.

So what is happening at this critical time? How might developments impact on your business and on those you work with and for? Tom Hall, Chief economist at Barbour–abi will offer an overview of the key developments that are expected to impact on the economy and what this might mean for the construction sector and for you.

Seminar 2 – 11.30am – 12.30pm

Residential Developers share their offsite experiences & expectations


Host: Tom Eshelby, Chair of Buildoffsite Residential Hub

Alun Macey, Pocket Living

Adam Challis, JLL

Chris Spiceley, Places for People

“Taking the Plunge” – Catch the client perspective on the experience of Offsite Construction. 

Pioneering Residential Developers – Alun Macey from Pocket Living and Chris Spiceley of Places for People give their views, with Adam Challis of JLL providing expert analysis

“What’s it really like to deliver a building in offsite modular? (And would you ever do it again?!)”

One of the key aims of the Buildoffsite Residential Hub is to bring clients and suppliers together; to encourage developers to make the leap into the world of DfMA and modular delivery of their buildings.

There’s an ever-increasing buzz around the virtues and benefits of adopting volumetric delivery – considerations around digitalization, sustainability and managing the increasing challenges presented by the construction industry.

On Wednesday 20 November at London’s ExCel Centre the Buildoffsite Residential Hub will be hosting a free to attend Seminar at which experienced clients will share their experiences of using offsite solutions on their projects.

  • Alun Macey from Pocket Living, a company which has pioneered a whole new sub-sector of “high design, low cost” homes, will provide a frank account of his perspective on “the good, the bad and the ugly” in delivering buildings through offsite manufacture.
  • Chris Spiceley, Director of Developments & Delivery at Places for People, a Housing Association which is now in partnership with Ilke Homes will outline the benefits that their tie-in with a leading UK offsite manufacturer brings.

This exceptional one hour Seminar which will be hosted by Tom Eshelby and will also include insights from Adam Challis, Head of Living Research & Strategy at JLL.

The event will take place at 11.30am at the Buildoffsite Theatre at the Offsite Construction Show at ExCel. It is a Seminar that will appeal to all those who have an interest in the future shape of home building in the UK and to get below the surface of taking an offsite approach

Seminar 3 – 13.00 – 14.00

Achieving design quality with offsite


Host: Nigel Ostime, Hawkins Brown

Tom Kyle, Sheppard Robson

Andy Heath, BPTW

Stephen Wilson, Stride Treglown

Achieving design quality with offsite

The Design Hub was set up earlier this year within Buildoffsite, with the aim of shifting the focus of the organisation towards the critical optioneering and early design stages of projects. Since it was initiated a number of high-profile architectural practices have joined the organisation and more are doing so. This panel discussion will discuss the importance of good design, raising the bar for conceptual quality, for place-making and enhanced sustainability and how we need to help clients understand what they must do differently to reap the benefits a DfMA approach can bring. The discussion topics will include:

  • The importance of early design considerations and the optioneering process
  • Examples of good design using MMC
  • Adopting standardisation
  • Digital technology

Seminar 4 – 14.30 – 15.30

Delivering the new skills the industry needs 


Host: Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite

Charles Naud, Action Sustainability

Declan McDonnell, Cadcoe

Anne Nortcliffe, Canterbury University

Delivering Future Skills

The Construction industry is in transition. New products, new technologies, ubiquitous application of digital, new forms of construction design and delivery close coupled with an unprecedented need for the industry to address the key issues of productivity and sustainability.

These are not issues for someone else. No matter where you fit in – whether as a client, a supplier or manufacturer you can be certain that developments that will impact on your business are just around the corner.

This Seminar will address some of the ways in which the new skills agenda is being addressed

Workshops – 20 November

Workshop 1 – 10.30-11.15

Delivering projects ahead of time and budget – Yes we can!


Keith Branwhite, Procter & Gamble

Systemic Project Delivery

As a client the delivery of a new building can be incredibly frustrating. When we need a new facility to further develop our business and to create jobs, we commit a great deal of time and money to justifying our investment. We then employ the best people to turn our investment dream into reality and all too often the delivery system starts to go off the rails. Why is it that so many construction projects go out of control both in terms of time and cost? Is this just an inevitable feature of investing in construction – both in the UK and internationally?

At P&G we don’t accept this inevitably and due to our number of global projects we are always looking to work with our supply chain and improve the project delivery system testing out new principles. I am going to share with you how by introducing a scientific project delivery system, utilising many of the fundamentals from our factory production systems that are rare in construction, we have managed to reverse the outcome of a project that was heading the wrong way at our facilities in Reading. This new project delivery system has made life easier an has helped optimise completion ahead of time and budge. This has been possible using an external consultancy Lean Thinking Ltd and working with a Graham Construction and MJL the M&E contractor being open to do things differently and engaging with the system.

Currently we are planning our next major investment in the UK and we will ensure that things are set up so that we utilise the new system from the outset and the as part of the system optimise the benefits of offsite and BIM.

Workshop 2 – 11.30 – 12.30

Innovation in MEP – delivering customer value


Host: Karen Shanks, Buildoffsite

David Bradley, E+I Engineering Group

Phil Henry, Polypipe

Paul Hopps, Apex Wiring

Mark Watkins, NG Bailey

MEP – Innovative Services and Solutions

The construction industry faces considerable challenges. The need for the industry to become more productive and the need for buildings and structures to perform better in use is placing considerable demands on the services sector to come up with new more sustainable ways to deliver right first time quality and performance in use. The use of digital to drive efficiencies in the design process and the increasing availability of factory manufactured service solutions opens up fresh opportunities to deliver project and customer value

This Workshop Session will explore how leading suppliers of service solutions are developing new pre-manufactured solutions to enable more effective and more sustainable installation and commissioning.

Workshop 3 – 13.00 – 14.00

Ensuring confidence in innovative house building


Host: Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite

Brian Minchin, Lloyds Register

Terry Mundy, Lloyds Register

Jeff Maxted, BLP

Marcus Fookes, First Start Homes

BOPAS – Benchmarking Standards for the Offsite sector

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) has been developed to provide assurance to the lending community and to valuers that non-traditional products or technologies or systems of construction can be used in new house-building with total confidence and traceability, with the option of insurance cover to provide additional certainty.

BOPAS certification is available to constructors, designers, manufacturers as well as project management designers and project management manufacturers. It provides confirmation that new properties, built using non-traditional forms of construction, will be sufficiently durable to support loans over a period of not less than 60 years. The availability of BOPAS certification is a recognised means to manage financial and construction risk and is proving to be of particular interest to private purchasers requiring a mortgage, institutional investors in new public and private sector housing developments, and client groups including RSLs and LAs.

This workshop will provide an overview of BOPAS Certification and its role in supporting innovative forms of house-building.

Buildoffsite member Marcus Fookes, First Start Homes to present on their journey towards BOPAS accreditation.

Workshop 4 – 14.30 – 15.30

Tall building masterclass


Alex Hyams, Alinea

Steve Watts,  Alinea

Getting High on Offsite

A look at the history of the tall building in the UK, the challenges from both design and viability, a look at recent developments in high rise construction and finally thoughts on the future of how towers will be designed and constructed including the opportunities for offsite solutions.

20 November & 21 November

Digital Grows UP

Now a proven project planning and delivery tool

Not so long ago, and rather late in the day, the UK construction industry woke up to BIM as a brilliant but often stand-alone aid to project design, optioneering and simulation. However, the benefits of data rich models extend far beyond the design office to the factory and the field. Communication of content enabled, constructible model data is the facilitator for this type of working and the delivery method can be through a number of different technologies.

At OSCS 2019 leading exponents Trimble will be demonstrating the practical ways in which digital tools are now making a real difference to everyday projects.

These sessions will provide an unmatched opportunity for businesses large and small to find out how they too can benefit