Accelerating Project Delivery briefing

08 May 2019 , CIRIA, Griffin Court, 15 Long Lane, EC1A 9PN Add to calendar

Breakfast Briefing: Accelerating Project Delivery by focusing on uncertainty and risk

This briefing will be looking at a system for delivering projects consistently ahead of time. We will be hearing from clients on some of the challenges faced when looking to complete projects, and how these can be overcome.

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By Ali Mafi & Hamied Ghadimi of LTL with Keith Branwhite of Procter and Gamble one of their global clients.

LTL has designed the most scientific and effective project delivery system for optimising project completion ahead of time by between 20%-30% leading up to the government’s target of 50% after a few iterations. This is achieved by focus on the impact of uncertainty and risk.

The system reverses the current project performance of over 80% running late and over budget in spite of BIM, Lean, Offsite and collaborative forms of contract. The 20% that finish on time will also experience tangible further improvement in time and cost.

The system can be introduced at any phase or stage of the project with tangible time, cost and quality gains and guarantees cash flow and margin improvement at all supply chain levels.

The system is called APD (Accelerating Project Delivery).

APD is an intelligent (self learning), silent, low cost and low stress project delivery system. It ensures that at all times project activities are carried out effectively, efficiently and productively in their order (highest to lowest) of their scientifically calculated impact on the end date.

Akin to a sat nav the system accurately predicts elapse time to completion daily.

The system is based on 12 of the most advanced motivational, production, uncertainty & risk management, communication, self-management and build offsite philosophies and thinking.

The system has been designed based on the following beliefs:

  1. Project management is knowing exactly the impact of every daily task on the end date.
  2. The greatest risk to completing on time and budget is to not carry out daily work in the order of impact on the end date. This risk is prevalent on all projects every day and although very small at times it accumulates through the life of the project to become the greatest cause of late completion and budget over run.
  3. Time accounts for 70%-80% of the project cost hence the most effective way to reduce cost and complete below budget is to focus on halving the project time.
  4. Time risk allowance makes up 40%-50% of each project’s end to end duration. Close to 100% of this allowance gets wasted even if the risks don’t materialise.

Ali and Hamied will illustrate the system’s 12 principles followed by Keith sharing Procter and Gamble’s experience of using the system on their projects.



8.30am – Registrations & Coffee

9am – Introduction into the APD system by Ali Mafi & Hamied Ghadimi, LTL

10am – Experience of using the system by Keith Branwhite, Procter & Gamble

10.30 – 11am – Q&A