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Modular Express Group Ltd are a modular homes supplier who build affordable homes for comfort and low energy.
To meet the UK challenge of delivering 2 million homes at a time of skills shortages and accelerating
materials costs, we know that we need to step up and show that technology can help us achieve our
goals. Adopting a manufacturing approach means embracing the principles of production, process
and standardisation. Often referred to as Platform Design for Manufacture and Assembly (PDfMA) this
allows a number of versions of a product to be made from standardised components, as demonstrated
by car manufacturers.

Modular Express Group Ltd set out to design a modular unit to meet all the UK Building Regulations, but this was
also an opportunity to aim for zero energy costs and associated carbon emissions. Tackling fuel
poverty is a key driver for Modular Express Group Ltd and has informed all decisions as a result. We have adopted
the minimum space standards so that comfort and wellbeing are not sacrificed, while still able to meet
the density of land-use demanded by planning departments.

Using a steel frame system, we can achieve fine tolerances, yet it is a robust and versatile material,
and resource efficient. It lends itself to manufacturing, with no waste and is recyclable at the end of
the life of the building as the whole life cycle is accounted for these days, not leaving an unwanted
legacy for future generations