BOPAS Autumn Update

The first BOPAS Forum was held on the 14th September and served as the basis for open discussion and feedback as to the performance of the scheme and of proposed changes to take account of organisations who have progressed digitisation within their design, manufacturing and construction scopes of accreditation.

The feedback was positive and this was further reflected in a subsequent survey issued to attending delegates.

The following Offsite manufacturers also received their BOPAS Accreditation certificates, during a presentation ceremony, from Mark Farmer the MMC Champion:

On the conclusion of the Forum a Tour of Frameclad Ltd was organised.

It is proposed to hold BOPAS Forums on a 6 monthly basis and the next one is planned for the 30th March 2022.

On the 29th September a joint webinar with Vista Insurance and the Investment Property Forum was held where a range of speakers focussed on the Offsite sector on subjects including BOPAS, the Government perspective and how and why investment funds should consider investing in Offsite manufacturers . Presentations from the day can be found here.

If you’re interested to know more or require more information on how to become accredited, please visit the BOPAS website.

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