Residential Hub National Conference

19 March 2019 , 226 Church Road, Willesden London, United Kingdom NW10 9NR

What is the cost of offsite manufactured solutions for residential – is it cost effective & are clients ready to use more offsite to increase capacity?


This is a key Residential Hub event that you shouldn’t miss especially if your interest in offsite housing extends to how much will it cost. This is our first national event and we will be looking closely at the cost of both high and low rise housing; including how affordable they are when compared to different housing tenures and delivery solutions.

This residential hub event will look at how the offsite sector is addressing cost, are clients getting value for money and what capacity is there in the sector to deliver a predictable housing supply to market that gives confidence to clients.

The panel session will include representatives from the speaker sessions together with key players in the sector who have been instrumental in shaping its direction. The panel (together with the audience) will consider the impact of both volume and quality on the costs and what steps need to be taken to ensure offsite solutions are prioritised.

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