Offsite Construction: Concept Design & Delivery – Supplier & Client Workshops

Buildoffsite and CIRIA are developing a new guide for offsite construction focusing on Concept Design and Delivery.

This is in response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy where adoption of offsite is one of the four goals of the construction sector.

It is proposed that a good practice guide is produced to support initial concept planning for offsite construction, which could then be developed into a scheme design enabling clients to be better informed to specify and procure offsite on their projects. The guide will show what is possible when an offsite solution is sought and will enable the presumption in favour of offsite construction to be fully explored.

To fully understand the challenges, benefits, risks and processes used it is planned to hold two half day workshops.

Supply Chain 7th December

Client organisations 15th December

If you feel you are able to offer valuable contributions, we would welcome your involvement and would request that you use the links above to find further information and to register your interest in taking part.

What are the Objectives?

  • Provide insight as to how offsite is perceived to deliver or have the potential to deliver benefits (advantages) to clients, specific to their needs and requirements.
  • Potential perceived disbenefits (disadvantages) from a client perspective.
  • Risks that need to be addressed & mitigation that has been or could be used on projects.
  • Identify any alterations to the standard project process used when procuring & delivering offsite
  • Identify where clients are developing or using more advanced standard products.
  • Identify how offsite aids Clients to deliver sustainably and aim towards Net Zero
  • Identifying trends on procurement and testing awareness of and reactions to the ICE’s Project 13 procurement model.

We very much hope you will be interested in joining us on the 7th or 15th December to help kick start the development of this guidance document, providing input from your experience and knowledge.

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