Offsite Construction: Concept Design & Delivery Supplier Workshop

07 December 2021 Add to calendar

As part of the development of our new guidance, Offsite Construction: Concept Design & Delivery, we will be hosting an interactive workshop for all supply chain members to input their views, knowledge and experiences of offsite projects.

Project Background

The Government’s Industrial Strategy – Construction Sector deal sees the four goals of Construction 2025 being met by focusing on three strategic areas: digital techniques, offsite manufacturing and whole life asset performance. Offsite construction is further supported by the Government’s commitment to offsite construction for capital build projects from 2019 (Treasury budget document November 2017) and in the policies presented in the Construction Playbook (December 2020).

It is proposed that a good practice guide is produced to support initial concept planning for offsite construction, which could then be developed into a scheme design enabling clients to be better informed to specify and procure offsite on their projects. The guide will show what is possible when an offsite solution is sought and will enable the presumption in favour of offsite construction to be fully explored.

This new guide is primarily aimed at clients and those procuring new buildings & infrastructure to be better informed on the offsite options available in the sector and to make an initial assessment of the optimum use of offsite & MMC. It is anticipated it will also be used by planners and consultants, whilst also benefitting suppliers of products and services by giving them an opportunity to showcase offsite capability and identify where more standardised products could be developed. Where a client has a pipeline of work with similar requirements over an extended time frame they should consider developing a procurement strategy that involves the identification of product families and standardised product portfolios.

CIRIA & Buildoffsite’s guide will be complementary to other industry initiatives and outputs. The construction sector appears to be at a tipping point with respect to wider use of MMC and in particular, offsite solutions. To ensure that clients and suppliers realise the potential benefits, guidance is required to exploit lessons learnt by prior projects and to highlight areas where innovation is happening.

The project brief can be viewed here.

Who should attend?

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Cost Consultants

Further details will follow in due course, but to register your interest please click here.