Delivering an overbuild project with some innovation

18 June 2020 Add to calendar

Part of the series of webinars on The Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide


Just doing things the way we always have is unlikely to maximise the opportunities that this sector offers. The offsite construction community tends to be quite innovative. This webinar provided both an overview of some of their recent innovations relevant to this context. It also included four short briefings on specific aspects that help:

  • Reduce the number of expensive infrastructure processions
  • Ensure that the structure has a very long, low maintenance service life
  • Offer enhanced fire protection
  • Manage accelerated project delivery

Presentations will included:

– Overcoming overbuild project management challenges – Daniel Richards, Mace

РInnovations for overbuild Рoverview,  Nigel Fraser, Buildoffsite

– A new approach to project management, Ali Mafi, Lean Thinking

– Fire-proof SIPS, Joanne Booth, Lucideon

– Products for low carbon whole life resilience, Graeme Jones, C-Probe Group

This will be followed by a panel Q&A session for the audience to participate.


Video Recording

Q&A transcript