Buildoffsite Visit to the National Composites Centre 14 November 2017

4 December 2017

The purpose of this visit was to introduce the work of the National Composites Centre (NCC) to Buildoffsite Core Members, Associates and Participants in Buildoffsite Hubs, and to provide an overview of fibre reinforced composites (FRP), in both their current use and future opportunities in Building and Civil Engineering.

The event was chaired and facilitated by, Buildoffsite Director, Tim Hall and featured attendance from bodies across the composites supply chain to enable relationship building.

Graham Harrison, Head of Government Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, NCC welcomed the 60+ attendees and outlined the remit of the NCC, to support businesses in developing leading edge materials and systems with a focus on added value.

Neil Appleton, is the Construction Market Lead for NCC and got the audience engaged in the potential of Fibre Reinforced Polymers in construction applications from water treatment facility covers to ultra-high strength and lightweight structural components.  The presentation will get you thinking and is available here NCC for Buildoffsite Composites in Construction 2017.

To give some thought provoking insight in to what can be achieved with composites Tim Edmund of Tufeco showcased the materials capability and their ambition to partner in construction.  His video of people handling composites straight out of a 1200c’ oven is etched on many of our minds. Tufeco NCC Offsite Build Event 14 Nov 2017

In addition we had real examples of composites in construction from David Barber of Apply Structures which you can see here Apply Structure for Buildoffsite 14 November 2017 and David Wallach of Eurobond who shared examples of where what were once leading edge composites that are now mainstream solutions for facades and building the envelope.  This got the audience really engaged in exploring where composites and innovation can give a competitive advantage. The ensuing discussion and sharing of ideas, ambition and the need for partners was one of the most productive sessions we have had in Buildoffsite.  Really valuable business links were forged on the day.

See what the NCC are up to here