Unveiling the evolution of BOS: A journey through innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry, innovation stands as the cornerstone of progress. Among the myriad of initiatives that have shaped this domain, the history of BUILDOFFSITE (BOS) emerges as a testament to ingenuity, collaboration, and forward-thinking. 

The journey of BOS traces back to 1997 when the Department of Trade & Industry embarked on a ground-breaking research endeavour with a seminal paper titled “Rethinking Construction Innovation & Research”. This pivotal moment laid the foundation for a transformative trajectory aimed at redefining conventional practices and fostering innovation. 

By 1998, the need for advancements in construction through research and innovation became increasingly apparent. Various organisations were granted funding, signalling a collective commitment to drive progress and embrace change. 

A significant turning point occurred in 1999 with the establishment of prOSPa a visionary three-year Co-Construct project in partnership with Loughborough University, spearheaded by CIRIA. The primary objective of prOSPa was to catalyse change by identifying, disseminating, and advocating offsite opportunities across a diverse spectrum of construction technologies. 

In the ensuing years, prOSPa garnered recognition within the construction industry for its disruptive ideas and novel approaches. Through collaborative efforts, the project blossomed into an industry network, amplifying the voice of the offsite sector and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. 

The year 2004 marked a milestone in this journey as prOSPa transitioned into what is now known as BUILDOFFSITE an evolution reflective of its growth, impact, and enduring legacy. With this transformation, BOS solidified its position as a driving force behind innovation in the construction landscape. 

Today, the legacy of BOS continues to resonate, inspiring a new generation of innovators and industry leaders. Its journey serves as a beacon of possibility, demonstrating the power of collaboration, perseverance, and visionary thinking in shaping the future of construction. 

As we reflect on the evolution of BOS, we celebrate not only its achievements but also the spirit of innovation that propels it forward. With each milestone, BOS reinforces its commitment to excellence and advancement, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future in construction. 

Join BOS at Offsite Expo on 17-18 September 2024 to celebrate this milestone.

Fareita Udoh

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