The Construction Innovation Hub Platform Design Open Call Is Open for Applications

Only five weeks left… deadline for applications is 31 October 

The Construction Innovation Hub is running an ‘Open Call’ designed to engage and encourage businesses and stakeholders, both within and outside the construction industry, to get involved in the largest ever Government-backed R&D programme in the sector.

All the information you need in order to apply can be found on the Construction Innovation Hub website 

What is the Platform Design Programme?
Construction is changing. For the first time, there is a funded Construction Sector Deal which seeks to create a more sustainable and productive sector. The Construction Innovation Hub aims to be a catalyst for change, driving collaboration to develop, commercialise and promote digital and manufacturing technologies for the construction sector. The Platform Design Open Call is a critical centrepiece of our programme to transform construction. We are aiming to draw together the very best ideas and practices from across industry to develop a new ‘kit of parts’ which will be used to create the next generation of government new build projects like schools, hospitals and prisons.

How can industry get involved? 
The Hub is inviting businesses to respond to this Open Call with their technology, product or service and to be part of the collaborative development team responsible for the design, manufacture, test and assembly of a next generation, proof-of-concept building delivered using a platform approach.

How can industry engage with the Platform Design Programme?
There are a number of ways industry might wish to engage:
– You can develop integrated components, e.g wall panels, roofing systems, floor panels, toilet blocks – that can connect to a structural frame;
– You can develop a structural frame solution to which components can be connected;
– You can develop the professional services; design, construction management, logistics etc required to construct a building using a platform approach; or,
– You can provide all or any of the above.

Recognising that many product suppliers will not have their own structural frame, we will provide a minimum of two different frame options – one based on a Bryden Wood developed ‘Platform 2’ solution and the other the SEISMIC frame – for product suppliers to develop and integrate their solutions on to. Both of these frame types will support a manufactured, platform-based solution – more detail on each option is set out in the Question and Answer section.

The benefits of participation
– Receive world class support to refine and improve your product
– Be widely showcased to open up new market opportunities
– Drive industry standards

Would you like to get involved?
Apply now and register for free for their collaboration event at the MTC, Coventry on Thursday 24 October.

To find out more about the Construction Innovation Hub and it’s wider programme to transform construction, visit their website

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