Richard Ogden to step down

Buildoffsite was established in 2003, with the aim of substantially increasing the awareness across the construction industry of the benefits of offsite construction and significantly increasing the use thereof.  During the past 12 years the organisation has grown organically and generically to its current membership base of in excess of 100 organisations.

Richard Ogden has successfully led Buildoffsite during this period as it has established itself as a successful, credible and industry leading membership based organisation.  Richard himself has become the face of the drive to promote offsite construction.  After some 12 years in the role, Richard has now indicated his desire to step down as Chairman of Buildoffsite in 2016.

Whilst we will all be sorry to lose Richard, this presents an opportunity to appoint a new Chairman to lead Buildoffsite forward into the next phase of development, building on the success to date.

A recruitment process to appoint a new Chairman is being initiated.  This has commenced, well ahead of Richard’s departure date to ensure an orderly transition.  The recruitment is being handled by a subgroup of the Buildoffsite Executive, led by Roger Bayliss.  The subgroup includes Cal Bailey, John Frankiewicz, Bill Healy and Richard Ogden.  The process is being co-ordinated by Richard Livings, a senior resourcing manager.

We are now seeking nominations for the role of Chairman of Buildoffsite.  This is an exceptional opportunity for an experienced business leader to really make a difference in the construction industry.  A brief outline of the role and person is set out below.

The Role:

  • Raise and promote the profile of Buildoffsite and develop the business, promote Buildoffsite to new member organisations and engage with them
  • Engage with the construction and other related industries (eg, manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding) and other key business leaders to promote and develop the build offsite movement and the Buildoffsite organisation
  • Maintain regular contact with senior managers from member organisations and monitor the delivery of member value, ensuring that the activities of Buildoffsite are aligned with member needs and expectations
  • Represent Buildoffsite at key meetings with Government and industry leaders and at events
  • Lead Buildoffsite teams as they engage with relevant organisations, promoting and arguing the case for offsite solutions
  • Develop and lead a growing and sustainable organisation, leading the Buildoffsite executive group and the small administrative team



  • Responsibility for the developing and implementing an effective strategy to achieve the Buildoffsite aspirations: To lead a transformation of construction method in the UK towards offsite / modular / industrialised / pre-assembled construction. To sustain an excellent, effective and respected organisation
  • Leadership of an organisation with high standards of integrity and governance
  • Reporting to a board broadly similar to the current Executive board.


  • Structure of Buildoffsite organisation
  • Method of engagement with members / government / other industry bodies
  • Development of international opportunities
  • Title; days per week; remuneration

The Person:

  • Extensive knowledge of the UK Construction industry, its key companies and senior managers
  • A solid background either as a client, contractor, subcontractor or supplier working in construction or a related industry
  • Excellent networking skills, industry professional, known, experienced and confident; inspirational at board and senior management level
  • First-hand knowledge of the role of Offsite solutions in enabling more efficient, better value construction projects
  • Challenges the status quo and promotes/leads/change/improvement

For full role description please download here. Members are invited to either register their own interest or to advise of others they think might be suitable candidates.  All enquiries will be treated with the utmost confidence – please contact


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