Offsite Construction Week Unveiled

Acknowledged for connecting the offsite supply-chain with architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and clients who want to be future-ready, Offsite Expo has been integrated into a week boasting educational seminars, interactive panel debates, and factory tours, as part of Offsite Construction Week.

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A UK-first, taking place from 16-20 September 2024, Offsite Construction Week (OCW) is a multifaceted showcase that revolves around three major industry events – Offsite Expo the Offsite Summit and Offsite Awards, with a wide range of parallel activities taking place in the UK and overseas. Uniting industry leaders from different construction and material sectors, the newly-formed Advisory Group has curated the CPD-accredited Masterclass topics and panel debates agendas.

Uniting industry leaders from different construction and material sectors, the newly-formed Advisory Group has curated the Masterclass topics and panel debates agendas, and nominated some of the most renowned voices in offsite construction as Panel Speakers. The Advisory Group will act as an unbiased Ambassador for Offsite Construction, ensuring that the key trends and challenges of the industry are addressed during the series of events that form Offsite Construction Week.

Unanimous Support

The brainchild of industry associations operating across the sector, Offsite Construction Week presents a unique proposition. Trade bodies, industry alliances and material groups including BUILDOFFSITE (BOS), Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT,) Constructing Excellence (CE), Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA), MMC Ireland, Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA), Offsite Alliance (OA), Steel Construction Institute (SCI), Structural Timber Association (STA) and others have come together to support the most comprehensive series of offsite events the country has ever seen.

Pan-industry Collaboration

Offsite Construction Week will serve as a pivotal platform for fostering collaboration amongst policymakers, clients, contractors and offsite manufacturers, by bringing these key stakeholders together to address shared challenges and present opportunities in the construction industry. Through a series of panel discussions, seminars, site tours and innovation competitions, participants will share knowledge and best practices, exchange project experiences, and develop cohesive strategies that align with evolving regulatory frameworks and market demands. This concentrated interaction will not only enhance mutual understanding and trust, but also drive efficiency across the vertical markets, ultimately leading to more collaborative and sustainable construction practices.

Accelerating the Pace

The industry’s vertical markets are under ample pressure to deliver some very ambitious projects in the next decade, which requires the creation of production capacity today. Digital technology, including Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) can reduce build time by 50%; however, there is a marked disconnect between clients, specifiers, contractors, and the supply chain. A wider deployment of offsite construction methods requires a shared understanding and a common strategy for navigating the risks and challenges involved in utilising offsite technologies. Offsite Construction Week will give the floor to industry experts to present and discuss strategic investments intended to streamline planning, funding, standardisation, and quality assurance.

Events and Themes

Organisers of the influential Offsite Expo and Offsite Awards have partnered with industry leaders with the specific goal of inspiring strategic collaboration across the offsite construction sector. Offsite Construction Week will bring together clients, manufacturers, developers, architects, specifiers, project managers, legislative and accrediting bodies for a week-long series of events, debates, and discussions on how to accelerate sector growth by removing current barriers to MMC implementation. Sharing lessons learned at the Masterclass Seminars and providing insight into international best practices at the International Summit, Offsite Construction Week is a platform for launching common strategies for the wider adoption of industrialised construction.

Offsite Expo – The Most Comprehensive Showcase of Offsite Technology in the UK

With precision focus on the technologies and trends that are bringing transformative change to the construction industry, Offsite Expo will be held at the Coventry Building Society Arena from 17 – 18 September 2024.

Visitors at Offsite Expo will be invited to immerse themselves in the next big breakthroughs in sustainable construction, to experience 2D panelised, 3D volumetric modular and pod technologies and learn how revolutionary digital innovations are accelerating the pace of the industry. In addition to live demonstrations of offsite technologies’ success, there are plenty of opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing.

Co-hosting with BUILDOFFSITE (BOS), this year’s Offsite Expo will run a parallel 2-day International Offsite Construction Summit. Featuring talks from global expert speakers and an Innovation Challenge competition, the new Offsite Summit will serve as a platform for sharing international best practice and strategies for offsite success.

The Masterclass Seminars programme at Offsite Expo has been established to make accessible all the latest thinking from a comprehensive host of industry trailblazers – those who are shaping the debate and at the forefront of developing panelised, volumetric modular and MEP technologies.

Knowledge-building Environment

With an emphasis on construction industrialisation, kit of parts and platform design, skills and productivity challenges – the event brings together those who are focused firmly on the future. In an era dominated by remote and digital experiences, this live event offers unparalleled opportunities to escape the virtual world, chat face to face and look to new horizons that can address the sustainability challenges and productivity issues that have plagued the construction industry for decades.

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For information about all events taking place during Offsite Construction Week, see full Programme for the Masterclasses, International Summit and Panel Discussions here:


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