New member: DataForm Lab

We are thrilled to welcome DataForm Lab (DFL), a pioneering company in construction automation, to the BUILDOFFSITE community!

DFL has successfully raised £1.1m in seed funding led by Marathon Venture Capital. This investment will accelerate their mission to integrate automation in off-site construction, unlocking capacity and boosting efficiency.

Why Automation Matters:

  • Off-site construction faces limited capacity and manual processes.
  • Automation can transform factories by optimizing manufacturing and streamlining production.

DFL’s Unique Solution:

  • Seamlessly links design and manufacturing.
  • Automates project configuration, production drawings, and machine code.
  • Simulates and optimizes factory operations through dynamic scheduling.

Eva Magnisali, DFL’s founder and CEO, emphasises the importance of challenging industry perceptions and optimizing off-site factory performance to integrate manufacturing automation technologies.

Eva Magnisali, CEO & Founder DataForm Lab

DFL is already collaborating with manufacturers in the UK and Nordics, proving its versatility across various materials and sectors, including housing, commercial, educational, and hospitality projects.

The recent funding will enable DFL to expand their team and accelerate their ambitious product roadmap, meeting the growing demand for their innovative solutions.

Welcome, DataForm Lab, to BUILDOFFSITE! We look forward to seeing the incredible impact you will make in the off-site construction sector.

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