Mass Customisation and BOPAS

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS), launched in 2013, was the first systemic assurance process developed with the aim of elevating Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to mainstream status within the construction industry and it continues to represent the gold standard accreditation within the sector.

BOPAS has maintained this status by incrementally updating and refreshing its requirements and control measures to mitigate risks to the sector, as they arise. However, with the pressure on the MMC sector to become the standard bearer for the construction industry, scalability and the widespread introduction of flexible manufacturing systems are critical to that goal.

The introduction of flexible manufacturing systems have ushered in new technologies and terminologies such as integrated digital delivery (IDD) and integrated collaborative platforms (ICP), not to mention of course BIM, which whilst fundamental to the delivery of information systems, through the life cycle of a project, represents a concept with which we are rather more familiar. In fact Lloyd’s Register developed and launched the BIM Level 2 Accreditation scheme, almost coincidental with the launch of BOPAS.

With the advancement of manufacturing technologies, there is a recognition that a continuation of the incremental development of BOPAS will not meet the needs or expectations of the more technologically advanced MMC Manufacturers, as they progress towards the holy grail of mass customisation. It is proposed therefore that a BOPAS Digital accreditation process be developed which would reflect the new age of digital methodology, both in terms of assessment processes and accreditation status.

To that end we would be pleased to receive expressions of interest from MMC Manufacturers who have embarked on the advanced manufacturing route, who may be interested in working with the BOPAS team to formulate a pilot programme, with the aim of ultimately validating the BOPAS Digital accreditation scheme. In the first instant we would like to convene a virtual forum of manufacturers from whom we receive such expressions of interest. Expressions of interest should be sent to Expressions of interest should be directed to

Further developments of BOPAS

But the progressive development of BOPAS does not end there.  In response to concerns expressed that the 60 year durability assessment period, requested by the mortgage lenders, did not represent the true performance of factory produced systems, BOPAS can now offer, 100 year durability assessments.

An enhanced and robust assessment process is required and a copy of the BLP assessment framework for provision of the BOPAS 100 year maintenance and durability assessment is available on request.

Other than durability, there are other sustainability criteria that BOPAS is able to offer, including through life costing and maintenance assessments and embodied carbon energy assessments.

For developers with a long-term interest in the property such as RSLs and the Build to Rent sector, minimising the “cost-in-use” of a building makes an invaluable contribution to promoting sustainability.

As with our approach to lifecycle costing assessments, the carbon modelling is construction and component specific. Alternative components can be modelled with a view to improving the carbon performance of the design, and at the same time monitoring the impact of design change on capital costs and cost in use.

Systems can be assessed in isolation or in comparison with similar sized traditionally constructed homes.  For further information on any of the enhanced services detailed above please email:

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