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What is Icynene?

The Icynene Spray Foam Insulation System is a series of soft, flexible spray foam insulation products that delivers up to 50% greater energy savings when compared to other home insulation products.

About Greentherm Solutions Ltd

Having over 30 years’ experience each in the construction industry Paddy Leighton and Gerry Sheridan set up Greentherm Solutions Ltd to distribute and market the Icynene range of Spray foam Insulation products to the UK market. They identified a gap in the market for an insulation product that would provide high levels of insulation combined with air tightness in one application. Conventional insulations were not capable of doing this and had a detrimental effect on good construction practices and energy efficiency measures.

In 2001 Paddy & Gerry embarked on a research mission to find a suitable product and their investigations led them to Canada and the USA, where expandable foam applications had been popular for a several years. “We found there were at that time approximately 45 different manufactures of foam all making various claims about their product” says Gerry.

Since then Greentherm has developed a network of accredited contractors in the British Isles and Icynene has achieved BBA, ETA and KIWA approvals and certifications, together with a host of other approvals and recommendations. “We have seen countless examples over the years as to why we made the correct decision. Icynene has surpassed all other products on the market in terms of quality, performance, technical back-up and support in conjunction with innovation and research and development” says Leighton.

In the last 18 months Mr Matthew Carder has been positioned into the roll of Business development manager for the UK, having worked in the spray foam market place for a number of years now Matthew provides training , sales and marketing support and growth into yet untapped markets.

In these challenging times we now look forward to a more positive future in conjunction with Icynene and the benefits it can bring to the customer in terms of value for money and speed of installation.


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