Future Water announces winners of prestigious awards for innovation and excellence in the water sector

The Future Water Awards took place on 18 March 2024 and welcomed the speakers Jason Kee from the Canadian High Commission, Alastair Moseley of Department for Business and Trade, Peter Barden from Brave Blue World Studios, and Katie Alcott from Frank Water.

Future Water Association, a leading organisation driving transformation within the water sector, proudly announces the recipients of its esteemed awards, recognising the outstanding people contributing to the industry.

The event was kindly sponsored by The Canadian High Commission and WRC.

Water Dragons 2023-2024 (Competition sponsored by WRC and Hydrosave):

Highly Commended – Eagleridge

A Canadian company pioneering the use of ‘MicroPoP’ technology to address challenges at wastewater treatment plants. Their innovative device provides 2x more biogas from waste activated sludge digestion, while using significantly less capital and space than existing solutions in the market.

Winner – Aquascope

A British company that has developed world-leading capabilities in leveraging dynamic river basin models, cutting-edge satellite imagery, and in-river sensors. Andrew Hodge, CEO of Aquascope accepted the prize at the ceremony.

Emerging Talent (Award Sponsored by Arup):

Future Water is proud to recognise exceptional emerging talent within the industry – those who under 30 years old or are in the first 5 years of their career in the water sector.

Highly Commended – Belinda Watson, Stantec

Belinda was awarded the first highly commended prize for her leadership and dedication since joining as a graduate in March 2021. She has demonstrated leadership and technical prowess, mentored junior staff, and is working towards IChemE chartership.

Highly Commended – Helen McAll, Stantec

Since joining as a Process Engineer in January 2021, her dedication and technical expertise have led to significant achievements such as successfully leading complex projects, including sludge treatment center assessments for Scottish Water; excelling in the HazRev program at Northumbrian Water, and earning a promotion to Auditor.

Winner – Caledonia Bhatia, Stantec

In late 2021, Caledonia joined Stantec’s Warrington office as a fresh graduate. Fast forward to 2024, and she has emerged as a key leader, serving as well-being lead for an office of 150+ people, successfully undertaking a client secondment previously requiring eight years’ more experience, she is proactive in Stantec’s internal working groups and uses her fresh perspective to shape the company’s operations for AMP8. She has facilitated a roundtable event at ICE head office and played a pivotal role in Stantec’s investigation into AMP8 deliverability for British Water.Top of Form

Caledonia’s dedication and passion positions her as a promising leader within the industry. As the new chair of the Emerging Talents working group, Caledonia is poised to continue making significant contributions to the field.

People Award (Award sponsored by ACO Water Management):

Winner – Hannah Coogan, Binnies

For nearly a decade, Hannah has worked within the CIWEM West Midlands Branch Committee and across the broader CIWEM network, while also being a Fellow and Vice President at CIWEM.. Hannah’s dedication is evident not only in her role as Regional Delivery Director for Flood, Coast, and Maritime at Binnies, but also championing diversity and inclusion by chairing RSK’s Women Employees Network.

Above and Beyond:

Future Water recognises individuals who have gone above and beyond their responsibilities to make a difference in the sector.

Highly Commended – Luci Isaacson from Climate Vision.

Luci went above and beyond in a post-project flooding issue caused by landowners. She spent a year volunteering with a farmer to implement natural flood management solutions and her innovative approach led to successful implementation. The project not only mitigated flooding but also enhanced soil health and ecosystem services. Hosting educational visits and climate-related events, Luci’s efforts have inspired positive action within the community.

Highly Commended – Mariani de Mattos from Stantec

Rejoining the industry after settling her family and despite facing language barriers and adapting to new regulations and working practices, Mariani has shown impressive resilience and a ‘can do’ attitude. Her positive influence and promotion of nature-based solutions have been highly valued by her team and clients alike. Her ability to thrive in a new environment demonstrates exceptional interpersonal skills and dedication to her work.

Winner – Ramsha Saleem, WSP

Ramsha was originally nominated for the emerging talent award, but it was decided that she better suited the Above and Beyond prize.

Since joining the WSP Water team in September 2022 she has played key roles in integrating innovative solutions for various schemes. She has co-organised workshops and courses aimed at equipping future civil engineers with relevant skills and knowledge. Ramsha was selected as a 2024 ICE Future Leader and her research paper for the 2023 IASS Conference emphasized the importance of incorporating active learning and hands-on practice within civil engineering higher education institutions. Her ability to foster a culture of innovation has been instrumental in driving positive change within the team, inspiring and influencing peers and colleagues alike.

Her inclusion in the shortlist for the NCE Inspiring Women in Construction as a STEM ambassador, the award of the Student Partnership Impact Award by SEDA, and selection for the 2024 ICE Future Leaders program all underscore her exceptional talents and dedication in the field.

Future Water Award:

Tristan Gooley was honoured with the prestigious Future Water Award for his groundbreaking work in revolutionizing the understanding and navigation of water dynamics. Tristan’s renowned book has provided invaluable guidance to readers worldwide, empowering them to explore and navigate water bodies with confidence and skill.

Future Water congratulates all the winners for her remarkable achievements and contributions to the water sector. Their dedication and innovation serve as inspiration for the industry as we continue to push boundaries and drive meaningful change.

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