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First Start Homes

For over 25 years , the Purever Group has been researching more efficient and sustainable construction methods that create real savings, not only in economic terms but also in terms of time and energy and carbon reduction. In addition to the extraordinary durability, it’s design nature allows it to be fully adjusted to the different construction types and client needs, adapting to the desired aesthetics and format as required for buildings as diverse as schools, medical centres and hospitals, banks, etc.

In addition to this, First Start Homes offer a full turnkey operation, and an off the shelf suite of properties to suit the first time buyer and social housing provider market, from a one bedroom bungalow to a block of low rise flats, this ensures affordability for all without compromising on quality.

The factory can produce over 200 properties per week to cater for the ever growing demand for quality homes in the UK.

It is our aim to help the first timer buyers in the UK to be able to easily afford to own their home with our business model.

FSH are able to do this because we have a well established parent company which has been working within off-site manufacture for many years, and is able to offer its factory facility, product and scalability through First Start Homes.

FSH has an extremely passionate team of individuals who together strive to create the perfect homes at an affordable cost for everyone.

Why you joined Buildoffsite?

To increase our networking and share our journey and innovations with likeminded people

What are you looking to achieve in the sector and how can Buildoffsite network support that?

We are looking to launch our products into the UK with the help and support of BOS. The network opportunities with BOS members is a great place to start.

Who do you want to connect with?


What can you offer to Buildoffsite’s network?

A great product at an amazing price. We are going to get young people into an affordable first home.

Marcus Fookes

Head of Markets and Operations

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