Factoryshare.org goes live

Factoryshare.org is an initiative that seeks to make use of the downtime and/or unused space (the cost of which is otherwise paid for as part of the factory overhead) through a number of possible scenarios:

  1. By providing manufacturing space for start up companies wishing to enter the offsite market. These underutilised areas could be sectioned off and rented to people thus saving them the cost of buying, building and developing a new location. It could test the viability of the product without high capital cost.
  2. By enabling existing products to be delivered from a range of participating facilities, allowing small operations to upscale their offer or products to be manufactured closer to their point of deployment (with reduce transport time and cost).
  3. By enabling participating facilities to combine and trade capacity to drive down the cost of off-site solutions and move this further into the mainstream of construction delivery.

For further information please see www.factoryshare.org

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