Ensuring quality, longevity and sustainability of infrastructure

BOS Member, Screening Eagle Technologies recently announced the release of several exciting new solutions to protect the built environment including the revolutionary multichannel GPR system, GS9000.

Before any project commences and to maintain existing infrastructure, it is crucial to survey the subsurface on-site to identify any issues defects or hidden services, avoid potential delays and ensure the structure (new or old) stands the test of time. The GS9000 streamlines this and many other applications by enabling large areas to be covered up to 30x faster and delivering accurate 3D maps of the subsurface as you walk.

The Screening Eagle team will be showcasing the GS9000 and their suite of concrete assessment software and solutions at the upcoming Bridges event on 13-14 March, as well as participating as speakers in the TEN/20 presentation during the event.

Meet the team there at The Coventry Building Society (CBS) Arena at booth B06, and Table 6 on Day 2, to check out the new innovations and have all your questions answered.

Screening Eagle Technologies has also recently been featured on SKY TV documentary “The Journey to Sustainability” highlighting how the technology solutions with clear data help towards the net zero challenge.

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