C-Probe Systems win at the Building Innovation Awards and are named a Top 100 Manufacturer!

C-Probe Systems, based in St Helens, is pleased to announce that their low carbon, smart alkali-activated cementitious cement (AACM geopolymer) cement binder, LoCem®, has won the category ‘Best Use of Emerging Technology’ at the Building Innovation Awards. Alongside this, C-Probe were named as a Top 100 Manufacturer at Digital Manufacturing week in Liverpool.

The Building Innovation Award was presented to C-Probe’s CEO, Graeme Jones, at the awards ceremony in Manchester on 4th November 2021, which brought together the UK’s key players in the construction industry. The Building Innovation Awards look to recognise organisations which are changing the landscape of modern construction through innovative materials and technologies, which not only boost profits, but also deliver a greener, smarter, and safer built environment. The Manufacturer works in a similar vein, looking to recognise pioneering individuals and celebrating their industry success in their Top 100 Alumni.

C-Probe Systems was originally established in 1994, as a corrosion monitoring and management business, but has grown exponentially since then to develop low carbon solutions to significantly contribute to the sustainable protection and monitoring of structures. The recent accolades are additions to C-Probe receiving two awards from the Leeds Beckett University RISE Awards, which places a focus around sustainability, and being published in the CIRIA Sustainability Champions report. All the above recognise C-Probe’s innovative drive towards NetZero and their focus on whole life preservation of structures through corrosion mitigation and demonstrate a shift in the sector in accepting new technologies. All of this is achieved by LoCem®, a repair and anode material which has the disruptive potential to replace Portland Cements whilst also protecting the asset from future corrosion.

Graeme Jones, CEO of C-Probe Systems, comments on the recent wins:

The drive to low carbon and NetZero has provided a focus to the value of these innovations that is very satisfying to see given the three decades of trying to have this message heard. All of achievements that have been awarded to us this year demonstrate the growing acceptance of our technology and how sustainability is fast becoming a priority – it’s exciting for us as a business. We are proud to have a made such a significant impact and will continue to combat climate change through sustainably protecting and creating more resilient structures.”

LoCem® is used for the restoration of existing masonry and concrete structures, helping to retain embodied carbon and improve energy efficiency. It can be used individually or as part of a system which is retrofitted into the structure, helping to provide long-term monitoring and resilience. It has been used in global projects in Europe and across North America on a wide range of buildings and parking structures.

LoCem® serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional materials, as powder binders are produced by repurposing industrial wastes from steel, fossil fuels and mining, when hardened in application-targeted mix designs. It has comparable physical performance as conventional Portland cements mortars, grouts, and concrete and offers over 80% less CO2 emissions. Mix designs can vary to control compressive strengths with superior flexural strengths allowing versatility in use. Other notable characteristics include ASR, freeze thaw and acid resistance, as well as fire resistance to 1200°C for over 5 hours.

C-Probe now plans to extend their offering to new construction and protecting structures from birth, with the launch of a new product being scheduled in 2022. They are also planning a launch into the USA, where they have completed various restoration projects in the likes of New York City and, will see manufacturing plant established on the East Coast.

About C-Probe Systems

C-Probe Systems produce smart, low carbon alkali activated cementitious materials for the repair, protection, and monitoring of structural corrosion in the built environment. Whole life protection and resilience is achieved through retrofit systems which also have embedded sensing and online management of data, made possible through the integration of their corrosion mitigation systems to their open network systems.

For more information, please visit www.c-probe.com

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