C-Probe Short-listed for MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award 2023

Buildoffsite member, C-Probe are delighted to announce that they have made the shortlist for the Materials Performance (MP) magazine’s Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards, and also the Top 50 Construction Tech Partners with BuildIn Digital.

It is their alkali activated cementitious (AACM) anode mortar, LoCem®, has been nominated for the Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards – winners of this year’s shortlist will represent the most promising technologies in the industry and the significant impact their innovations have on corrosion control.

LoCem® can be used as a low carbon concrete repair material, but also as an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) anode, helping to control corrosion within concrete and masonry infrastructure. It forms a vital part of C-Probe’s resilience management systems, as it’s ultra-low resistivity and conductivity means it is able to pass electrical current to provide cathodic protection to structural steel, taking full control of corrosion activity and providing indefinite service life through long-term protection.

Part of C-Probe’s resilience management systems are embeddable probes and sensors for remote control and monitoring corrosion rates (Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare Systems). LoCem® directly integrates with these products, helping to protect the legacy and value of the structure through performance data. LoCem® has been used commercially for many years in variety of projects, including Terry’s Chocolate Factory in York, reinforced concrete car parks, and plaza decks (Concourse Village Plaza in The Bronx, New York City).

C-Probe’s low carbon innovations and their contribution to reusing existing building stock is what helped them to also make the Top 50 Construction Tech Partners list.
The list is designed to showcase the best of the construction firms operating in the built environment, whilst keeping a minimal carbon footprint. LoCem®  has low carbon credentials due to its ambient blending process and being made from recycled industrial waste (such as steel, fossil fuels and mining). Using this material as part of the repair or new build fabric not only offers sustainable resilience to structures, but also contribution to Net Zero and the circular economy.

C-Probe received positive feedback from the judging panel of the Top 50 list:

‘Excellent use of innovation in reducing carbon footprint and improving sustainability of construction. [It is] a very interesting technology that can be use in the retrofit of real estate stock that needs to be refurbished, to enhance the residential stock needed in the UK without a massive carbon footprint.’

If you’d like further information on LoCem® and how it can be used in your restoration projects, please contact Cassie Walker.

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