Buildoffsite supporting the development of industry standards

Buildoffsite is now represented on 4 BSI committees to ensure that the offsite sectors needs are considered. These are:

B/209/0-/04 BS8895 Designing for material efficiency in building projects

B/558/01 Circular Economy in the Construction Sector

CB/301 Offsite and Modern Methods of Construction.

And B/209/0-/10 which has just revised the BS 5606 Guide to accuracy in building

The revised version of BS 5606:2022 Accuracy and tolerance in design and construction contains numerous aspects relating to the use of offsite methods and their integration with on site works. Our Industry Advisor, Nigel Fraser was a member of the reviewing committee for this standard. A brief article on the revised standard can be found here: .

Nigel is now representing Buildoffsite on the BSI committee CB/209’s drafting panel for BS 8895 Designing for material efficiency in building projects. This is being extended and consolidated to cover the complete project and building lifecycle.

CB/301 Offsite and Modern Methods of Construction is “responsible for the planning and preparation of British Standards for offsite and modern methods of construction (MMC)”. In this context it is also responsible for the UK input to ISO/TC 59/SC 19 Prefabricated Building.

If you wish to have an input to standards development, in particular with respect to any of the above, please let us know so that we can take your views into account.

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