Buildoffsite Offsite Response to COVID-19 Impact

The Construction Leadership Council has provided the industry with a Roadmap for Recovery as we slowly emerge from the impacts of COVID-19. In response to this Buildoffsite has facilitated the creation of the ‘Offsite Sector Response to COVID-19 Impact’  paper, in which we set out to identify how the use of offsite construction may be exploited to achieve the progress that the CLC has called for. It highlights what may be done and how stakeholders may benefit from increasing the use of offsite assembly methods in construction projects.

The paper considers the situation from a range of perspectives; starting with that of the ultimate client before considering project management, design, delivery and use of a facility. Throughout, there is a focus upon value and how offsite approaches can help maximise it.

It pulls together the learning from a wealth of experience across a wide range of construction projects and highlights how offsite (in line with the three timeframes set by the CLC) can help us recover by:

  • Accelerating the way projects are delivered
  • Ensuring that less waste and wasteful activities are incurred
  • Enhancing safety, quality, sustainability
  • Improving productivity and reducing costs (whilst coping with social distancing challenges)

The paper is structured around stakeholder’s perspectives;

  • Clients will be able to consider how to better define value, how they may facilitate delivery of this, and obtain benefits through the whole life of the asset.
  • Project managers will be able to consider prompts that should help them mitigate the impacts of the pandemic and provide them with experience to help them improve project delivery in the future.
  • Designers will benefit from some practical guidance on how to exploit offsite productivity effectively.
  • Contractors and their suppliers will see how to exploit offsite production and ensure that the benefits are achieved when that content is brought to site.
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