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First Start Homes (FSH) is part of the Purever Group, a well-established company in the business of Offsite manufacture and MMC with projects delivered across the world.

For over 25 years, the Purever Group has been researching more efficient and sustainable construction methods that create real savings, not only in economic terms but also in terms of time and energy & carbon reduction. In addition to the extraordinary durability, its design nature allows it to be fully adjusted to the different construction types and client needs, adapting to the desired aesthetics and format as required for buildings as diverse as houses, schools, medical centres and hospitals, banks, etc.

Three years ago Purever Group saw the growing interest in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in the UK housing market and started the process at looking to set up a UK business arm to provide affordable housing for both the social and private sector housing market.

During this time great developments and research have been made in both the system and processes for housing development.  We are BOPAS accredited, registered members of the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and members of Buildoffsite.

To help landlords/developers in developing new communities across both new development projects or small redevelopment areas such as garage sites, FSH have developed a full range of services from supply only, through to a full turnkey operation and have a fully designed off the shelf suite of properties to suit the first time buyer and social housing provider market, from a one-bedroom bungalow to a block of low rise flats, this ensures affordability for all without compromising on quality.

The Purever Group factory can produce over 200 properties per week to cater for the ever-growing demand for quality homes in the UK.

With our business models, it is our aim to help landlords provide affordable housing to their tenants and create communities that people enjoy living in and also to first-time buyers enabling them to easily afford to own their home in areas they choose to live in or stay in the communities they have grown up in when in some cases this is not possible due to current house prices.

FSH can do this because we have a well-established parent company which has been working within offsite manufacture for many years, and is able to offer its factory facility, product, and scalability through FSH.

FSH has an extremely passionate team who together strive to create the perfect homes at an affordable cost for everyone.

We also plan to help Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the UK reduce homelessness and families living in temporary accommodation with our specially developed business model.

A truly affordable, high-quality solution to meet housing needs

  • Warranty for 60 years
  • Cost efficiency, the right choice considering its lifespan
  • More comfort – insulated both from heat and low temperatures
  • Can be supplied fully equipped (bathroom, kitchen) and with a solar kit that provides renewable energy
  • Modular designs can be increased in size or adapted for different usage
  • Quick installation
  • Certification certified by relevant laboratories for fire, earthquakes and winds

Social Housing

Our modular building system can be supplied as a turn-key solution, fully equipped as to provide an efficient and quick response to any housing need.

It provides a scalable model, with an initial layout that can be customised to each project in size and equipment to meet any requirement.

This is a solution for the public sector, for fast development of public services or a quick response to urgent housing needs, such as a natural disaster (floods, storms etc.) or for underprivileged areas.

FSH along with our sister company Purever UK Ltd with factories in UK, France, Spain and Portugal and with presence in more than 30 countries, have a considerable production capacity to undertake sizeable projects.

Our technology is certified in many countries like Spain, France and in numerous countries in South America and Africa.

Keeping it Green

It is our aim to make FSH a market leader in Energy Efficient homes.

The homes themselves are already at a SAP rating of high B into A making them extremely energy efficient, this added to the fact we will offer the option to upgrade at very little cost to have energy storage, photovoltaic and solar thermal incorporated into the build,  our homes will be virtually passive making them even more affordable for the homeowner or tenant.

A Complete Service

Technical Advice

Our team of architects and engineers have specific expertise and training to ensure effective selection of appropriate products for each project, thus solving any technical doubts.

Planning and Development of Projects

We turn ideas into real projects, economically sustainable, which can be developed according to the highest requirements and always considering the specific needs of our clients.

Bespoke Designs

Whether modern or traditionally built we have the ability to make the properties to your specification.


For more information please visit our website or email Marcus Fookes at or Keith Meredith at

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