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Buildoffsite is launching a series of 4 webinars to following the publication of its response to the CLC’s roadmap for recovery from the current pandemic – ‘Offsite Response to COVID-19 Impact’.

These webinars will be focused upon different stakeholders’ perspectives but we welcome all members and supporters to join in.  We will start with clients and run through to contractors over a period of 4 weeks. They will take the form of a panel discussion followed by an open Q&A session.

Our objective is to add substance to how the offsite sector may help the construction sector recover and thrive in the post COVID-19 world. Expect the discussions to be challenging and thought provoking; yet constructive for businesses taking part.

Even though the webinars are categorised according to specific roles, we encourage participation across different disciplines and positions.


Covid-19 Focus for Architects & Engineers

7th October


Here we will look at what designers need from the offsite community in order to be able to exploit the benefits of offsite effectively whilst not onerously restricting the ability to design stimulating buildings that designers would be proud of. Similarly we shall ask the question:

  • What can designers do to embrace more offsite construction? 

Again, this will be considered in the context of the Restart, Reset & Reinvent timeframes.


Covid-19 Focus for Offsite Manufacturers



We are at a point in time where many things are changing. Social distancing and remote working will clearly influence the designs of everything from homes to schools to offices and the infrastructure we use for transport. Offsite products feature in all of these sectors.  This will impact the products we need to manufacture. We will focus on:

  • What can be achieved quickly?
  • How will offsite products evolve?
  • How will manufacturers inform designers of their capabilities and stimulate interest in the new products?

Covid-19 Focus for Project Managers & Contractors

21st October


Project managers and contractors have immediate and costly challenges to resolve.

  • How can delays be recovered and can offsite help here?
  • How will the combined impact of Brexit and Covid-19 social distancing impact the workforce in 2021?
  • What do they need the offsite sector to deliver for them?
  • How can they help the offsite sector do what they need to be done?

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Covid-19 Focus for Clients &  Cost Consultants

28th October


In this webinar we shall consider three aspects of demand and how the offsite sector may respond to this:

  • What types of projects are coming to market?
  • What types of spaces are required?
  • How quickly are they needed?
  • How much pressure is there on reducing costs right now?

Infrastructure, homes and work environments will be discussed.  Ways in which the offsite sector may respond to this will be debated in the context of the Restart, Reset & Reinvent timeframes.

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