A year ago, our most pressing concerns were about what issues businesses faced due to the uncertainty of leaving the European Union and what events we would be delivering to our members. This is potentially the biggest challenge for businesses in the past 40 years needing to demonstrate resilience in the face of not just one but two economic upheavals, Brexit and the global pandemic.

The pandemic bought about a need to pivot rapidly and deliver at scale for the healthcare industry adopting Offsite to deliver fast extensions to existing hospitals to manage a surge in patient capacity.

Entire industries were shut down and key workers needed to implement new working practices to keep customers and employees safe. These changes have highlighted how resilient the offsite market is.

The Construction Playbook was launched in December 2020 with some key guidelines to ensure greater adoption of MMC and digital technology. The Cabinet office made recent announcements on key changes that will be implemented in public procurement and what opportunities these will bring post Brexit.

Buildoffsite is hosting a virtual conference on the 26th of January which brings together emerging policy, strategy, and practical approaches to meeting the challenges faced by Government, industry, and supply chain.

Fergus Harradence Deputy Director for Construction – BEIS will provide insight into the focus on getting projects right from the start and how key policy changes will enable offsite delivery.

A key briefing on the Smart Construction Network will demonstrate how engagement with experts in MMC will unlock the Offsite Supply chain with Shelagh Grant from the Housing Forum.

Systems engineering methodology will be shared to enable cross-industry improvements in the design and construction process. With thought leadership from Chris Millard, Head of Engineering Excellence – Laing O’Rourke, Tomas Garcia, Head of Civil Structures – High Speed Two (HS2), Vince Fenson, Managing Director – Polypipe Offsite and Professor Jennifer Whyte, Director of the Centre for Systems Engineering & Innovation – Imperial College London.

Shutting down huge swathes of industry not just in the UK but globally highlighted the short-term impact on reversing environmental damage and reducing Carbon Emissions. With Gemma Smith Managing Director of Strata Homes and Lara Young Group Carbon Manager from Costain we will see how offsite is delivering permanent, positive transformation across sectors, and how we can steal the march on delivering Net Zero, and potentially negative, carbon targets.

BECG commissioned Buildoffsite to provide insight into the challenges in the adoption of Modern Methods of Construction and how these can be overcome you will now be the first to hear the outcomes of a recent industry-wide survey on offsite and how we can overcome these challenges to increase adoption of Offsite.

Fareita Udoh – Project Manager, Buildoffsite

Buildoffsite will be hosting our inaugural virtual conference on the 26th of January 2021. For further details, agenda and details on how to register, click here.

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