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Modern methods of construction was the topic of discussion at BRE’s workshop – Raising the Bar for Offsite Construction – held on the 26th April 2018. Nick Whitehouse, from Buildoffsite, welcomed a packed lecture theatre and industry experts from across the supply chain.

With modular construction potentially having a large part to play in addressing the UK’s housing crisis the industry is collaborating to ensure that the adoption of MMC is undertaken in an assured way.

Mark Farmer delivered an overview of progress so far from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) MMC Working Group on assurance, insurance and finance.

Julie Bregulla and David Gall gave an insight into BRE’s multi-tiered offsite assessment methodology. The Standard for Modular Systems for Dwellings (BPS 7014) will encompass essential requirements such as:

– mechanical resistance and stability

– safety in case of fire

– hygiene, health and the environment

– safety in use

– protection against noise

– energy economy and heat retention

– sustainable use of resources

An overview of the draft BPS 7014 standard can be found here. Contact Mike Perry if you would like to be involved in the technical forum.

Download the presentations from BRE’s Raising the Bar for Offsite Construction workshop:

Mark Farmer: MHLCG’s MMC Working Group for Assurance, Insurance and Finance

Julie Bregulla: UK’s Offsite Standards – A Context Map

Jeff Maxted: Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme

David Gall: BPS 7014 and Certification

Shaun Kelly: A User’s Perspective from Notting Hill Genesis

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