BOS Promoting International Collaboration and Innovation at the 2024 Offsite Expo

As BUILDOFFSITE celebrates its 20th year this growing member-based organisation is reinforcing its role as the leading voice in the offsite industry. The 2024 Offsite Expo provides an ideal platform for international collaboration and knowledge exchange within offsite construction.

The BOS Offsite Summit promises to be an essential event for industry professionals to engage with leading experts and explore the latest advancements in offsite construction. Over two days, we will host panel sessions, masterclasses, and the Innovation Hub Challenge, displaying international best practices and discussing their relevance in the UK context.

Join us for two days of insightful discussions, innovative presentations, and networking opportunities as we explore the integration of digital technologies in construction, the role of major infrastructure projects in advancing sustainability, and international models for delivering homes. We will also delve into enhancing construction quality through offsite methods, new guidance on managing intellectual property for modern construction methods, and how offsite construction can contribute to achieving global net-zero emissions across our packed two-day programme.

17 September  Global summit

Digital Delivery for Tomorrow:

  • Explore integrating Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) with digital technologies in construction.
  • Discuss innovative digital strategies shaping the future of offsite construction.
  • Address challenges and opportunities in adopting digital solutions for enhanced efficiency and quality.

Global Infrastructure: Major Projects Driving Innovation:

  • Focus on sustainability, climate change, circular economy, asset management, and retrofitting within major global infrastructure projects.
  • Highlight innovative approaches and best practices driving sustainability and innovation in global infrastructure.
  • Discuss strategies for promoting international collaboration and knowledge transfer in infrastructure development.

International Changemakers Delivering Homes:

  • Examine successful international models for housing delivery and their applicability to the UK context.
  • Identify key strategies and initiatives from global changemakers in the housing sector.
  • Discuss opportunities for cross-border collaboration and learning in housing delivery.

18 September

Raising the Bar: Creating a Zero Snag Culture:

  • Explore approaches to improving construction quality and eliminating defects through offsite methods.
  • Discuss strategies for fostering a culture of excellence and zero defects in offsite construction projects.
  • Highlight best practices and case studies demonstrating successful quality management in offsite projects.

Launch of the IP Guidance:

  • Announce the release of new guidance on managing intellectual property (IP) for offsite and modern methods of construction (MMC).
  • Equip all stakeholders with knowledge to maximise value, enhance productivity, reduce costs, and achieve carbon benefits through effective IP management.

How Offsite Globally Can Deliver Against Net Zero Targets:

  • This session will provide a comprehensive overview of how offsite construction contributes to global efforts towards achieving net-zero emissions.
  • Introduction to the Agricycle Nexus Consortia, of which CIRIA and BOS are founding members, supporting sustainable construction materials made from agricultural waste.
  • Address challenges and opportunities in aligning offsite construction with global net-zero goals.
  • Discuss innovative strategies and technologies for reducing the carbon footprint in offsite construction, including renewable energy sources and sustainable materials.

Distinguished Speakers from around the World

The BOS Offsite seminars feature a prestigious lineup of speakers with diverse backgrounds in the offsite construction industry, representing a truly international cross-section of talent from Australia, Bahrain, China (including Hong Kong),  Malaysia Egypt, Finland, Poland, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain.

  • Sherman S. L. Yip, (Hong Kong) Assistant Director (Development & Procurement), Department of Housing, Hong Kong. A Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Sherman has 25+ years of experience in architectural design, project management, and contract administration. He advises the Sustainable Development Committee of the Hong Kong Green Building Council and serves on several boards, including the Architectural Services Department and the Development Bureau’s Task Force on Applied Research and Development.
  • Professor Wei Pan, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), and Executive Director of the Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development (Hong Kong). He leads MiCLab and NetZeroLab, focusing on sustainable construction engineering, modular integrated construction (MiC), smart construction, and zero carbon initiatives. With over 360 publications, he is recognised globally as a top scholar in his field and holds prestigious memberships and fellowships in civil engineering and academia.
  • Damien Crough (Australia), Executive Chair of prefabAUS and Managing Director of Advanced Offsite Group, has considerable experience in modular housing projects and advancing offsite construction. experience designing wooden structures in Europe, A Australia, and North America.
  • Xiaobin Zhao from Malaysia, Founder & Director of Cambond, (China) earned his PhD from the University of Strathclyde. A leader in the UK’s biomaterial industry since 1998, he holds over 30 patents and has developed 100+ products. He also serves as Managing Director of AgriCycle Innovation, focusing on sustainable development and the circular economy.
  • Bengt Magnussen, Commercial Director of TALO, (Finland), has over 30 years of experience in sectors such as superyacht manufacture and oil platform construction, now leading TALO’s net-zero housebuilding solutions in the UK.
  • Ewelina Wozniak-Szpakiewicz, CEO of DMDmodular, (Poland), delivers volumetric modular solutions internationally and leads R&D in energy-efficient modular buildings within the EU.
  • Pascal Chazal, CEO of Groupe HORS SITE, (France) founded Ossabois, a leader in wood construction. He also created AQUA LOGIS, a bathroom cell manufacturer, and launched Hors-site Group in 2016, promoting off-site construction with Hors-site Magazine, Hors-site Campus, and Hors-site Conseil consulting firm.
  • Franco Piva (Italy), founder of Ergodomus Timber Engineering, has over 15 years of experience designing wooden structures in Europe, Australia, and North America.
  • Jos Kronemeijer (Netherlands), Kronemeijer Concrete Consult. Consultant Materials Engineer specialising in Advanced Concrete Technology and Cementitious Composites. With over 35 years of experience, he has worked extensively on concrete maintenance, condition assessment, and innovative solutions. He founded Delta Concrete Consult bv in 2015, focusing on sustainable concrete technologies and AACM/geopolymers. Since 2023, he has been a freelance consultant and shareholder in a specialized raw materials trading company.
  • Alex Lubbock (UK), from the Digital Skills Academy CIC, has a decade of experience in supporting the sector through roles in strategy and policy for the UK Government, managing a UK technology platform, and overseeing testing and certification processes.
  • Paul Wilkinson (UK), from NIMA, is an expert on construction collaboration technology platforms and deputy chair of the digital transformation community at the Institution of Civil Engineers.
  • Az Jasat, Senior Industry Manager at Autodesk  (UK), has dedicated his career to advancing Industrialized Construction. With expertise in prefabrication, he has led technology development to connect building design and manufacturing. At Autodesk, Az supports new solutions for improved certainty, productivity, and sustainability in construction.
  • Monika Wandzik, Director of Architecture and Planning at Stelling Properties (UK) is an award-winning architect specializing in residential and modular construction design. A graduate of Aachen University, she has worked with Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt and PegasusLife, focusing on later living projects. She excels in turning client briefs into standardized, offsite-manufacturable designs.
  • David Emery, a Consultant at The Supply Chain School, (UK) specialises in developing training materials and events centered on Digital Construction and Offsite Construction (MMC). With over 45 years of experience in architecture, housebuilding, and BIM consultancy, David joined full-time in 2021. He has designed numerous homes and volumetric modular projects and is recognised as a seasoned public speaker and facilitator.
  • Ignacio Navarro (Spain), from Ferrovial, has over 25 years of experience in the transportation sector and expertise in using precast solutions for efficient and sustainable design.
  • Graeme Jones (UK), from CPROBE, a post-graduate corrosion scientist and engineer, Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion, and founding Director of A3CM.
  • Andrew Pryke, BAM (UK) with over 25 years of post-qualification design experience, having led design studios and collaborated on top-tier projects worldwide. Since October 2012, Andrew serves as Managing Director at BAM Design in St Albans, overseeing UK and international projects across sectors like commercial, education, health, and justice. His leadership extends to BAM Construct’s Net Zero Carbon strategy and digital innovation initiatives.
  • Nigel Fraser (UK), BOS Industry Advisor. A longstanding contributor to BOS, currently as an Industry Advisor. He has broad experience as both a construction client and an offsite and low carbon product developer. He also has a significant role in the development of standards relating to offsite construction and sustainability.
  • Katie Kerr, Arup (UK) is an experienced chartered town planner specialising in housing delivery, policy development, and large-scale projects with government and developers. She authored “How Modern Methods of Construction can deliver ‘more’ through the planning system” and led housing workstreams during her DLUCH secondment.
  • Dr. Anthony Greer (UK), Director of Corporate Strategy at TALO, brings over two decades of leadership experience and a strong history in creating cultures that encourage excellence.
  • Ian Pritchett, CEO of Greencore Construction (UK), is a scientist and entrepreneur. He founded IJP Building Conservation in 1986, leading in UK historic building conservation. In 2002, he established Lime Technology Ltd. to promote eco-friendly lime mortars. In 2013, he launched Greencore, known for low-carbon Biond panel houses at Springfield Meadows and Marks & Spencer’s Cheshire Oaks store.
  • Deborah Smyth, CEO & Founder of Modular Express Group with two decades of commercial real estate, and now modular innovation pioneer and winner of Innovate UK funding for Modular Construction.
  • Eva Magnisali, Founder and CEO of DataForm Lab, a company accelerating the adoption of automation in offsite construction through their software platform.
  • Keith Ridgeway CEO Incredible Husk (Malaysia) an International R&D Company which has developed innovative proprietary trade secret non-synthetic binders to make sustainable negative carbon footprint materials from organic waste, inorganic waste minerals all Din Certified.
  • Anthony Pearce Managing Director APPLY Structures (UK) Designing off-site manufactured building systems to make better homes for more people. With 30 years’ experience understanding the innovation process, building physics and the expert delivery of complex projects to achieve best value.
  • Andrew Croft, Partner at Beale & Co. Andrew is a Partner in the Contracts and Projects Advisory Team, specialising in construction law. He advises on contractual issues and has experience with collaborative contracts like alliancing. Andrew has contributed to major infrastructure projects such as Crossrail and HS2 and is a recognized expert in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and construction law.
  • Andrew Dewdney, Head of Modern Methods of Construction (UK) at Kier since 2018, drives MMC strategy, fosters strategic supply chain relationships, and develops repeatable design solutions. With a focus on enhancing productivity and delivery consistency, Andrew also provides technical support, advises on preconstruction activities, and leads business development initiatives.

BOS Innovation Hub Challenge:

The BOS Innovation Hub Challenge will be a highlight of both days, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore breakthroughs in sustainable construction. Participants will have 10 minutes to pitch their ideas and 5 minutes for rapid-fire questions from judges, culminating in live audience voting to determine the winner.

Judges for the BOS Innovation Hub Challenge include industry experts such as Dave Roberts from the University of Aston, Samantha Fearnley of Vista Insurance, Alex Lubbock from Digital Twin Skills Academy CIC, Joanne Bridges of Bridges Communications, and Gary Taylor, Development & Finance Director at GBP Estates. Participants will pitch their sustainable construction ideas for a chance to win a £5000 marketing package sponsored by Offsite Expo and a year’s membership with BOS for micro-SMEs.

The winner will receive a marketing package worth £5000 sponsored by Offsite Expo and one year’s membership with BOS if they are a micro-SME.

To participate in the Innovation Hub Challenge, submit your entry [here]. Emphasis will be on sustainability, affordability, and long-term impact. We look forward to seeing innovative solutions shaping the future of sustainable construction.

Join us at the BOS Offsite Summit for two days of insightful discussions, innovative presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities. Learn from international best practices and explore how to implement these strategies in the UK to drive the future of offsite construction.

If you would like to contribute to shaping and framing the new edition of our BOS Manifesto (2021) and the new Built Environment Working Group, join us on 18 July Register here for your place.

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 by Fareita Udoh

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