BOPAS accreditation is building fast

Assisting lenders by providing assurance about non-traditional construction

It was a full house and standing room only during the BOPAS accreditation workshop on day one at the Offsite Construction Show in London this week.

Terry Mundy (Lloyd’s Register) and Jeff Maxted (BLP) explained why more offsite manufacturers were signing up to the Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS).

“Following the 2016 Mark Farmer report ‘Modernise or Die‘ we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of offsite manufacturers applying for BOPAS” explained Jeff Maxted. “By the end of 2017 there was little more than 20 organisations who had achieved the status. To date there are now 35 and another 30 who are either undergoing assessment or we are in discussion with” he continued.

Modular build is the most popular system that is being assessed by the BOPAS team with 24 systems being accredited already. Timber Frame and Light Gauge Steel Frame are also quite common. The majority of the manufacturers are in the UK but BOPAS has accredited systems and technologies in Ireland, Eastern Europe and China.

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