Factory tour – the new build prison at Wellingborough

Last week, our member Kier and Bison Precast, hosted a factory visit for Buildoffsite members at one of the manufacturing facilities supplying components for their £253m new build prison at Wellingborough. Forterra’s specialist precast division, Bison are providing 4,920 precast components for the project.

During the tour, guests were able to see some of the components being produced for the scheme, as well as gain an understanding of the key considerations for manufacturing including storage space, logistics and traceability of components from Bison’s commercial director Mike Nelson.

Kier’s procurement lead John Handscomb presented on their Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach at Wellingborough, as well as the collaborative, digital-first culture being adopted by the project team. He also provided an overview of Kier’s offsite capabilities and Choice Factory initiative.


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