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December Direction Group 13th December, Covent Garden

22 December 2017

Our December Direction Group focused on Digitally Accelerated Construction: Emerging Technologies and Applications.


You can now view the presentations by our award-winning members here:

Amador Caballero, Wilmott Dixon Interiors

Peter Foster, CoBuilder

Richard Fletcher, Trimble

David Clark, McAvoy

and our presentations here:

Prof. Nick Whitehouse, Buildoffsite and Tim Hall, Buildoffsite


Our summary of the meeting can be found here: Buildoffsite Direction meeting notes 13 December 2017


Our next Direction Group Dinner and Meeting – Developing Skills Around Offsite Construction on the 27 – 28 February will be hosted by TDS at Dudley College. (Member or Invite Only)

More details to come.

Please contact with any queries on our events.



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Building over Railway Lines by Bill Price of WSP

18 December 2017

To build on the recent Industrial Strategy, and the Mayor’s Draft London Housing Strategy, we put on this event at unashamedly short notice with WSP, based on the current and increasing priority for London’s housing.

Buildoffsite’s approach is to work with WSP and members to pull together an ambitious team that can provide a direct and collaborative response to the GLA.  This workshop was planned as the launch of a workstream of activity between the Buildoffsite Housing and Rail Hub members.


  • Bill Price’s presentation can be sent to you by request:





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Buildoffsite Visit to the National Composites Centre 14 November 2017

4 December 2017

The purpose of this visit was to introduce the work of the National Composites Centre (NCC) to Buildoffsite Core Members, Associates and Participants in Buildoffsite Hubs, and to provide an overview of fibre reinforced composites (FRP), in both their current use and future opportunities in Building and Civil Engineering.

The event was chaired and facilitated by, Buildoffsite Director, Tim Hall and featured attendance from bodies across the composites supply chain to enable relationship building.

Graham Harrison, Head of Government Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, NCC welcomed the 60+ attendees and outlined the remit of the NCC, to support businesses in developing leading edge materials and systems with a focus on added value.

Neil Appleton, is the Construction Market Lead for NCC and got the audience engaged in the potential of Fibre Reinforced Polymers in construction applications from water treatment facility covers to ultra-high strength and lightweight structural components.  The presentation will get you thinking and is available here NCC for Buildoffsite Composites in Construction 2017.

To give some thought provoking insight in to what can be achieved with composites Tim Edmund of Tufeco showcased the materials capability and their ambition to partner in construction.  His video of people handling composites straight out of a 1200c’ oven is etched on many of our minds. Tufeco NCC Offsite Build Event 14 Nov 2017

In addition we had real examples of composites in construction from David Barber of Apply Structures which you can see here Apply Structure for Buildoffsite 14 November 2017 and David Wallach of Eurobond who shared examples of where what were once leading edge composites that are now mainstream solutions for facades and building the envelope.  This got the audience really engaged in exploring where composites and innovation can give a competitive advantage. The ensuing discussion and sharing of ideas, ambition and the need for partners was one of the most productive sessions we have had in Buildoffsite.  Really valuable business links were forged on the day.

See what the NCC are up to here 


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Direction Group Meeting: Collaboration to Support Housing Delivery at Scale 25th of October 2017

4 December 2017

Our most recent Direction Group Meeting focused on Collaboration to Support Housing Delivery at Scale and, as usual, our unique ability to bring diverse businesses and bodies together created a valuable and lively event.

 A welcome and introduction from our hosts at Legal and General by David Jones, the Modular Integration Director at L&G Capital started off proceedings.

This was followed by an insight from Geertje Kreuziger, Capital Programmes Director at Lambeth (HfL) on their plans for the next 10 years  Homes for Lambeth Presentation for Buildoffsite 2017

 Next up was a presentation by Rachel Davis, the Business Development Director of Premier Modular on their offsite housing manufacturing facilities.Premier modular presentation 2017

 Nicky Gavron, Chair of Planning, Greater London Authority introduced her report on offsite manufacturing and how it could help the housing crisis.

 Jeff Maxted, The Technical Director of BLP Consult, shared knowledge on the the Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS)

 Professor Nick Whitehouse, Oxford Brookes University and formally of RIBA hosted a lively discussion with a very useful industry overview from the Director of Buildoffsite, Tim Hall Buildoffsite presentation 2017

A summary of the discussion can be found at Buildoffsite Direction meeting notes 25 October




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Step Free Access Presentation by Transport for London Engineering 6th of November 2017

13 November 2017

On the 6th of November the Buildoffsite Rail Hub held a workshop session with the LUL Step Free Access Team.

They outlined their programme, which has been accelerated significantly on the instructions of the Mayor of London.

The initial aim is to adapt over 30 stations to make them accessible to a range of passengers, including the disabled and people with push chairs, prams, shopping trolleys etc.

This involves both over ground and underground stations. It will however be followed by a roll out across more stations beyond this.

3 procurement phases were outlined and LUL have already looked at their requirements and identified opportunities and challenges for using modular solutions.

It is intended to employ modularisation to achieve reduced unit cost with the following benefits and characteristics:
·         Modular offsite fabricated components that are interchangeable
·         Product of high quality by introducing repeatability
·         Lower unit costs by introducing competition in the manufacture of the components
·         Reduced on site construction time
·         Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the asset.

The programme will be sourcing systems including lift shafts, link bridges, ramps and elevated platform modules.

Some of the challenges relate to how these will be integrated into existing sites with differing spans to bridge and structures such as existing foundations and canopies. Configurability will be key.

The team is also keen to understand how approaches to specification and procurement may assist them to achieve their goals.

LUL also outlined their process for getting products included in their database of authorised products.

Buildoffsite have been invited to organise a follow up session with the Step Free Access Team to go into more detail and peer review their approach. This will take place before Christmas.

This is a great opportunity to directly liaise with and inform a major client.


Step Free Access Presentation 6.11.17 by TfL Engineering Part One

Step Free Access Presentation 6.11.17 by TfL Engineering Part Two


Please contact Buildoffsite if you would like to be involved at or with Nathalie on 0207 549 3307.


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Direction Group Meeting & Dinner – Elliott’s June 2017

Presentations, 13 July 2017

Well, a rewarding and insightful time was had at the most recent Direction Group Meeting, Tour & Dinner which was this time held at Elliott’s in Carnaby last month.

We had some great presentations (and thanks for the wonderful feedback for our presenters – all passed on!) from Colin Sargeant of Elliott, Emily King of Portakabin and Chris Barlow of Encon

Members can see these presentations below.

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Addressing the UK Housing Challenge – 25th May 2017

25 June 2017

On 25th May Buildoffsite, Enterprise Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland hosted a joint event at the Irish Embassy in London with the aim of ‘Addressing the UK Housing Challenge’ with a range of speakers from investors, developers, researchers and designers who set the challenge to the audience made up of Buildoffsite members and guests from across the supply chain.

View the event and download the presentation

Next Generation Infrastructure

4 May 2016


  •  Learning from transport: applying DfMA on the Northern Line Extension/Battersea
    • Simon Newton, Head of Engineering, TFL
    • Rob Dickson, Project Director, Mott MacDonald
    • Tom Inglis, Senior Engineer, Laing O’Rourke
  •  Learning from water: a standard Product Platform for the water industry. Clients leading the way
    • Steve Wright, Manager of Standard Products & Solutions, Yorkshire Water
    • Lindsey Taylor, Product Based Delivery Manager, Anglian Water
    • John Browne, DfMA Programme Lead, United Utilities
  • Learning from pharmaceuticals: what holds the industry back: working with Tier 2/3 suppliers GSK’s Factory in a Box
    • Mike Mungall, Head of Global Capital Projects, GSK
    • John Dyson, Head of Capital Delivery & Design, GSK


  • Challenge in housing: delivering residential development at scale
    • Dan Batterton
    • Rob Hall, Head of Business Development Legal & General Homes
  • Challenge from aerospace: using new data to reduce risk and unlock innovation in infrastructure finance and insurance
    • Gill Dickson, Sales Manager & Strategic Alliances, Airbus Defence & Space
  • Challenge to nuclear: rethinking delivery of power with nano-nuclear technology
    • Tony Roulstone, Nuclear Engineering Prof, University of Cambridge
  • Digital delivery: design and construction goes digital, Leif Granholm, Senior Vice President, BIM Ambassador, Structures Division Trimble Solutions
  • Better decisions faster and cheaper for the benefit of the ultimate customer – Dr. Jennifer Schooling, Director of Centre for Smart Infrastructure & Construction, University of Cambridge
  • Digital Power – Simon Harrison, Strategic Development Manager, Mott MacDonald
  • Smart people: challenges and opportunities from ‘rising stars’ :
    • Johan Hagstrom, Mott MacDonald
    • Petros Poullaides, Mott MacDonald
    • Matthew Stevens, Alan Baxter
    • Rose Hazirari-Yazdi, BP
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Offsite Construction Show 2015 Seminars

27 November 2015

In case you missed them!

The Buildoffsite Seminars from the Offsite Construction Show 2015 are available to members only and can be viewed below.



View the event and download the presentation

BOPAS Breakfast Briefing – 3 November 2015

23 November 2015

Please download presentations from the 3rd November Breakfast Briefing meeting, available to both members and non-members.


View the event and download the presentation
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