Support for Members

Photo © TEKLA

Buildoffsite functions as a business to business network organisation for its Membership and has the capacity to function as a powerful communication and knowledge transfer vehicle.

The organisation has a broad spread of Members drawn from across the client and supply side community. All Members share a common ambition and interest in supporting a step-change increase in the use of offsite construction methods in all construction markets.

One of the important business opportunities that Buildoffsite can facilitate is to put Members in contact with each other. This can happen organically through contacts made at Buildoffsite events but it can also be organised by the Buildoffsite Secretariat as a Member Benefit.

If Members have a particular need to make contact with another Member or have a business or technical need that another Member might be able to help with all they have to do is contact the Secretariat and ask for the contact details for the individual concerned or simply ask for advice on those Members who might be able to help – on any matter.

In the first instance Members should contact:

Anna Whiting
Phone: 020 7549 3305